Monday 4 June 2012

TUBER - EP 12inch Vinyl

Tuber EP 12" Vinyl cover art

TUBER are a 4 Piece Instrumental Psych Stoner-Rock/Space-Rock/Fuzz-Rock Band from Greece

The members are:

nikos gerostathos
paris fragkos
yannis gerostathos

TUBER are a brilliant Instrumental Stoner Rock Band who have been featured on this blog before. I am a huge fan of this brilliantly talented band who have gained quite a following in the last few years amongst us Stoner Rock Fans.

Well the guys are going to release their brilliant debut EP on 12 inch Vinyl. Details are shown below:

Our first TUBER EP is now available in 12" Vinyl and includes our single "Smoked Up Notes" as a bonus track!

As we have promised and since many of you requested it: our first EP is now available in 12" Vinyl through Krauted Mind Records in a gatefold cover with brand new artwork! It has been especially remasterd for vinyl at Masterdisk, New York. You can pre order it from our bandcamp site:


You can also download this brilliant EP for free from their BandCamp Page as well. It's highly recommended by my good self. I always rave on about it. Maybe it's time for you guys to check this great band out now.

I am ordering my Vinyl Copy very soon. Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: