Saturday 9 June 2012


Los Deloreans are a Stoner/Grunge/Hard Rock Band from Argentina.

The members are:

Lean - Vocals
Marcos - Drums
Juan - Bass
Nacho - Guitar

Los Deloreans are a brilliant Stoner Rock Band I have been following for a while via Facebook. The guys have been releasing snippets of their latest excellent album – Like A Horse for the past few months or so.

Each clip they posted has left me waiting in huge anticipation. These guys are a highly talented bunch of musicians. If your into QOTSA, Dozer and fellow Argentinean Stoner Rockers – Banda De La Muerte then your going to love this band like I do.

Like A Horse is a brilliant collection of outstanding Stoner Rock songs that blends Grunge and Hard Rock in equal measure.

It’s a 10 song and 46 minute blast of top-notch riffs with great vocals to match. The vocals are sung in a mixture of English and Spanish but please don’t let that put you off.

If you do you will surely be missing one of 2012 best Stoner Rock releases. These are Stoner Rock songs with heart, passion and a great energy no matter what language they are sang in.

Standout tracks include – “La Reina”, “Andres”, “I Become”, "Stella” and my fave "Zeitgeist".

Los Deloreans are a very passionate rock band and you can tell that in their music right from the start. This is a band that has taken time and care with their music to provide the listener with highly emotional and hugely satisfying experience.

The album is brilliantly produced and showcases why Los Deloreans along with Banda De La Muerte and Cultura Tres show that South America has a lot of offer in the realm of Stoner Rock/Sludge Metal.

I hope these guys get the same sort of exposure and recognition as they have released a truly brilliant album that will have you begging for more.

This is an album that deserves as much brilliant praise it can possibly get. You will still be listening to this amazing album in many years to come. I’m well into double figures since I downloaded it a couple of weeks back.

As you can tell I am a huge fan of this brilliant band and their new outstanding album. What is even better the band are giving this away for free download right now from Mediafire.

So get downloading this brilliant album right now and discover one of Argentina’s best kept Stoner Metal secrets. You won’t be sorry. Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant and definitely Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:

Mediafire - Link to download their fucking brilliant new album - "Like A Horse"

Check The Video For brilliant track "Stella". Awesome Stuff.