Friday 15 June 2012


Buioingola are a Sludge/Drone/NeoCrust Metal Band from Viareggio / La Spezia / Pisa, Italy

The members are:

Diego Chuhan: guitars+voice.
Thomas Gianardi: drums / samples.
Alessio Tozzini: bass.

Buioingola are a heavy as fuck Sludge/Drone Metal band mixing elements of Crust, Post-Rock, Black-Metal and Hardcore Music with an eerie Occult Ambient atmosphere.

There debut release is a 3 song and 18 minute blast of terrifying Sludge Metal Riffs. If you want your Sludge Metal with a creepy Occult undertone then this is the band for you.

It's heavy from the word go and features some brutal monolithic Sludge Riffs with bleak vocals to match. Throw in some demonic ambient tones then you have a brilliant release from a great band to keep an eye out for.

The EP is expertly produced and shows the guys talents to ear-shattering perfection. This is another EP I could not get enough off. This is more akin to a Post-Black Metal Band with an edgy Sludge Metal overtone to scare the senses to.

All 3 tracks are expertly played. This is music for the Sludge fan who likes their music dark, creepy and very atmospheric. Not for the faint hearted believe me. But its a brilliant release for those brave enough to check out.

You can download this brilliant release for free for BandCamp right now. If the BandCamp free downloads runs out and that is a strong possibility then please use this Mediafire Link which the band have kindly provided.

If your into Wolves In The Throne Room then your going to love it. As it has the same claustrophobic feel as those brutal overlords are experts at.

Amazing Stuff and Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:

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