Friday 15 June 2012


Mouth of the Ghetto (Album) cover art

Over Reactor are a Hardcore/Punk/Metal Band from Australia

The members are

Ezekiel Ox (Ezy-Kill), Cory Blight (Hard-Cory)

Over Reactor are a brilliant band that do a hard hitting blend of Hip-Hop, Punk and Metal to devastating effect. These guys call their blend of music – Death Hop. Don’t let that put you off as these guys music is powerful as it is brilliant.

They have been mentioned on this blog before last year with their last great release. Lose Your Deluson. I am a big fan of  Ezekiel Ox as he has been involved with some fantastic projects especially the much missed MAMMAL.

Plus these guys have toured and worked with KARNIVOOL. So these guys are hugely talented. Well the band have released their brilliant new album – Mouth Of The Ghetto - Which is on a head-banging action packed 42 minutes or so.

These guys are getting a fearsome reputation in their native homeland of Australia and prove that they are one of the best hard-hitting bands coming out of Australia at the moment.

The album has been written, produced and performed by the guys themselves. This is an uncompromising album by a true original great band.

These guys harness the energy and passion of RATM but mix it up with a great Hardcore edge with blistering Punk/Metal riffs to match. It’s loud from the start and will have you hooked from the word go.

Ezekiel’s vocals are like a machine gun going off at full blast. This is a guy who cares about what he sings. And you know what he actually makes you think and listen to what he has to say. Some insightful lyrics as well with a great sarcastic wit in some cases.

This is an album you can’t miss out on and is highly recommended by The Sludgelord Team.

So if you want something loud, heavy and with a hard hitting social conscience then this is your album and its even the more better for it. So check them out now.

This is available on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal. Just get downloading now. This is an absolutely brilliant album you need to check out now!!!

Check This Brilliant Band Below: