Saturday 9 June 2012


MAKE are a brilliant Pysch/Sludge/Doom/Post-Metal Band who we at Sludgelord rate very highly. Especially their latest album - Trephine.

Their album is a fucking brilliant Sludge/Post-Metal record that is getting praise all across the board. Check the praise below and it's all fucking justified.
North Carolina, drone-pysch-doom-metal trio MAKE release their stunning debut album, via Devouter Records, and the record is picking up plenty of praise across the board.

"The band's knack for seismic sweeps and surges should be more than enough to pique your interest." Rock Sound

"MAKE's three accomplished craftsmen have laid down what may be one of 2012's finest metal records." Heavy Planet

"Consistently mesmerising." Terrorizer

"A psychologically disturbed Neurosis/Isis/Horseback hybrid." Metal Hammer

"MAKE creates an intoxicating blend of all things in the slow, stoned, and sludgy realm of metal with touches of doom, drone, and post-metal, as if Rwake, Earth, and Isis joined up for a colossal jam session for the ages." Heavy Blog Is Heavy

"You would be hard pressed to find something better than this." Bring The Noise

"Make's doomy-psych metal offering is huge."

“A well-developed and sharply executed batch of songs that work as a narrative and atmospheric whole.” Independent Weekly

With themes covering the concept of mortality, the infinity of death and the fragility of life, ‘Trephine’ is an assured debut that firmly stamps MAKE’s mark on the post-metal map.

After the death of a peer, MAKE guitarist Scott Endres (who also played on Horseback’s ‘The Invisible Mountain’ record) took to writing a concept album about a hospital resident regressing into a fantasy state after a psychological breakdown. This fantasy state is represented by a post-apocalyptic world, while the journey the protagonist embarks upon is hopefully the means to an end; his or her own personal trepanning.

With touring plans and festival slots in the pipeline, 2012 looks set to be an incredible year for MAKE as they rapidly establish themselves as one of the best bands to come out of North Carolina in years.

Check out the track 'Returning To The Ruins Of My Birthplace' on SoundCloud

ABOUT: MAKE are Scott Endres (guitar, vocals), Spencer Lee (bass, vocals) and Matt Stevenson (drums).

Devouter Records: Is a UK based label specialising in Doom, Stoner, Psychedelic and Sludge rock. 
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