Tuesday 19 June 2012


Make Them Your Swords is a Ambient Metal Artist from Seattle, USA

Make Them Your Swords are a brilliant Ambient Metal mixing Drone, Doom and Sludge Metal to outstanding effect.

This is the work on one hugely talented individual - Matt Frickelton

He sent me the following bio about himself and his great music.

"I am a musician/producer from Seattle, WA and I have just released my first ambient/doom metal album and I thought you might enjoy it. Its available at either link below:


It's obviously influenced by Sunn0))) but it has drums (no snare though) and lots of slide guitar."

Make Them Your Swords is a fucking must for all of us Sludge Metallers. If your into Sunn0))), YOB and The Melvins then your going to truly dig this wonderful album.

It on for an action packed 60 minutes or so. Each song is on for about 8 mins or so. So you know your in for an epic ride of sublime distorted long drawn out Drone/Doom/Sludge Metal Riffs.

The production is superb on this and Matt deserves high praise for this indeed. It's one of the freshest and loudest debut albums I have heard this year. Fucking brutal stuff from a talented artist.

Standout tracks for me are: Elephant, Rain, Ox and Lion.

This is simply unmissable stuff and I recommend you head over to BandCamp and download this amazing album right now. It's available on Pay Anything You Want Type Deal or via the SoundCloud Link.

I hope Matt releases more quality releases like this as this one totally blew my mind. Great Work Matt. Awesome stuff and Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Artist Below: