Saturday 23 June 2012

Monsters Of The Ordinary - Album Review

Monsters Of The Ordinary are a Stoner Rock/Metal Band from, Wien, Austria

The members are

Oliver Müller - vocals
Klaus Wurzwallner - guitar, vocals
Harald Tischhart - bass
Christoph Schwaiger - drums, vocals

Monsters Of The Ordinary play high energy, high octane Stoner Metal music that is getting them a loyal fanbase amongst the Stoner community.

They have released a couple of well received EP’s but now the guys are back with their long awaited debut album – On The Edge And Beyond which runs for 54 mins and contains 12 hard-rocking Stoner Rock anthems to head-bang to.

I will admit this album while an expertly produced and well put together album it’s not the most original of albums.

The album does have a huge likeability factor that will have you coming back for more listens.

The band are excellent musicians lead by a great vocalist - Oliver who has an impressive set of lungs on him. And they can write a mighty fine Stoner Rock Riff to rock out to.

The album does have its fair share of cool great tracks such as – “Lives Collide”, “Anybody Listening”, “Underneath The Desert Son” and “Driven”.

This album will find a lot of fans amongst the Stoner Rock Fraternity but I just wanted something with a bit more kick to it. But apart from that it’s still a great album to check out from a hugely talented band. If you’re a fan of QOTSA, Monster Magnet, Dozer and Fu Manchu then you will find much to enjoy here.

I think these guys next full length release will be something special as this album does show signs of greatness. Because of this I think we can expect a lot more in the future from a band that could become major league players in years to come.

On The Edge And Beyond is available from all good stockists now.

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