Saturday 23 June 2012

MOTHERSHIP - Ten Miles Wide Review

Ten Miles Wide cover art

Mothership are a Grunge/Space-Rock/Prog Rock Band from Seattle, USA

The members are:  Johndus Beckman, Paul Fraser, Ryan Thornes, Will Andrews

Mothership are not like the other bands we promote on the blog but they intrigued with their mixture of Grunge, Space-Rock and Progressive Rock. Though they call themselves a Loud Heavy Alternative Rock Band.

Well that is a very cool description which I am going to stick with. As these Heavy Space Rockers are a great band that I didn’t know much about. But Thank The Rock/Metal Heavens they contacted me.

They released their debut album in 2011 – Ten Miles Wide is a 12 song blast of top notch tunes that venture between Space Rock and Progressive Rock with lashings of 90’s Grunge Rock for great effect.

The album does have a great sci-fi feel to them and you might spot some cool sci-fi references in the song titles and lyrics. As they are littered through out this excellent album.

Ten Miles Wide has a huge collection of heavy riffs if you’re into the genres mentioned above. Taking influence from diverse bands such as Muse and Soundgarden but adding a far out there Space Rock vibe to stand out from the crowd.

This is a band you don’t hear much of these days. The only band I could compare them to is sublime Aussie Space Rock Maestros – AVER.

If you like AVER then your going to love these. The songs are expertly written and played by the band. The album shows a band who add a great sense of imagination and wonder into proceedings to stand out from the crowd.

The album is expertly produced and plays to the bands strength in creating a mighty fine Space Rock/Grunge Rock vibe with a great Progressive Edge.

All in all this is an album I highly recommended if you want to hear something different. These excellent Cosmic Space Rockers will brighten any day or mood to any dis-concerning heavy rock fan.

Superb – Enough Said. Available from all Good Stockists Now.

Check This Great Band Below: