Friday 15 June 2012


Shooting Blanks And Pills cover art

Cowards are a Sludge/Hardcore Metal Band from Paris, France

The members are:

J. H. - Vocals
C. L. - Drums
G. T. - Bass
T. A. - Guitar
A. L. - Guitar

Cowards are an amazing Sludge/Hardcore Metal b and influenced by bands like EHG and THOU amongst others.

I will let their press bio do the talking about this phenomenal band.

"Gathering parisians with an already strong pedigree in dark and heavy music, COWARDS regurgitates gutter hardcore, unhealthy sludge/doom and nauseous black metal in "Shooting Blanks And Pills", their deeply raw and anxiogenic debut release. 

Only six months were needed to give birth to this full-length, monstrosity with a desperate urban feeling, bridge between the knife-in-the-heart crudeness of Eyehategod or Kickback and the majestic darkness of bands like Deathspell Omega or Thou. 

With a sound carrying smells of pissy streets and the dry blood you get for a sidelong glance, producer Francis Caste have perfectly catched the gist of these 38 minutes, recreating this forced apnea in a bile tank with a no frills approach.

Cowards features current and ex-members of Sickbag, Death Mercedes, Hangman's Chair, Eibon, Glorior Belli, Dacast, Colossus of Destiny…"

Cowards new album – Shooting Blanks and Pills is a 6 song and 38 minute masterpiece of Sludge Metal. There is no denying it. It has been released on my fave record label – ThroatRuiner Records who give nearly all of their material away for free.

Shooting Blanks and Pills is getting a lot of praise on various blogs and websites and it’s not hard to see why. It a brutal devastating masterpiece of hard hitting Hardcore/Sludge Metal riffs with a hint of Black Metal atmospherics running through it’s bleak lifeline.

This is some of the heaviest riffs I have heard this year with bleak vocals to match. This is going to be one of the defining debut releases of 2012 and showcases what a truly great band Cowards actually are.

Check out standout tracks – Last Card, Scarce and the amazing 9:24 minute – Grand Final.

We are Sludgelord are massive fans of this great band. They have delivered a truly brilliant album that you can’t ignore. So do yourself a favour and download this amazing album right now. Either from BandCamp or Mediafire.

I can’t wait to see what these guys release in the future as these have the potential to have a very long rewarding career indeed.

Another fantastic release from the great label – ThroatRuiner Records. Just get downloading now. Amazing. End of.

Highly Recommended – What do you think!!!

Check This Great Band Below: