Monday 4 June 2012


Mammoth Mammoth III - Hells Likely

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH are a Hard Rock/Stoner Rock Band From Melbourne, Australia

The members are:

Ben Couzens - Guitars
Mikey Tucker - Vocals
Frank Trobbiani - Drums
Pete Bell - Bass

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH are a fucking brilliant Hard Rock/Stoner Rock Band blending their genres of music to spell-binding effect.

They call their own style of music as "Heavy-Murder-Fuzz" - It's a blend of Motorhead, AC-DC, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath mixed with a healthy dose of modern Stoner Metal.

They have released two equally superb releases previously

2009 - VOL 2 - MAMMOTH

Well the guys are back with their most hard-rocking collection of tracks. Hell's Likely is a 7 song collection and 33 minute plus of hard rocking riffs that should solidify MAMMOTH MAMMOTH's reputation as Aussie's Premier Hard Rock/Stoner Rock Band.

The album just plain flat out rocks. It's like the guys have channelled the vibes of the bands mentioned above but done in their own great unique style.

The album is full of kick-ass riffs that will have you head-banging in no time. These guys don't give a fuck about long progressive riffs. This is straight balls-to-the-wall Hard Rock/Stoner Rock that will have you head-banging in no time at all.

The album gets off to a flier with the 2:22 minute blast - Hell's Likely which shows what this great band does so well. Hard Rocking, High Envery, Voltage Rock that we all need to head-bang to.

Next up is "Go" A 4:31 minute head-bang of a song. Full of more "Heavy-Murder-Fuzz" riffs the band pride themselves on. And it's a winning combination with great vocals & lyrics to match.

Tracks "Bare Bones", "(Up all night) - Demons To Fight" and "Sittin Pretty" show what great musicians these guys are. They know what needs to be done and that is to rock the fuck out. Nothing is going to stop them.

Their blend of "Heavy-Murder-Fuzz" will have your body and soul by now. This is a non-stop party of hard-rocking riffs that Aussie Hard Rock bands are famous for. It's not the most sophisticated thing in the world but when the music is this brilliantly good.

The production is perfect. You can hear every note to head-banging perfection. This is an album you have to listen to with your mates and party out till the early hours

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH are so fucking good they named themselves twice. Plus their new album cover has a naked chick on the cover. What is not to like. 

Highly Recommended.

This album is available to buy here.

Check This Great Band Below:

Check Out Hard Rocking Blast of "Hell's Likely" from their outstanding new album.