Saturday 23 June 2012


Noumenal EP cover art

OSTROV are as Sludge-Core Metal Band from Hattiesburg, MS, USA

The members are:

Alfred Jordan
Brent Stephenson

OSTROV are an excellent Sludge Metal band fusing Hardcore, Doom and Post-Metal to heavy crushing effect.

They have just released their superb new EP - Noumenal - A  3 song collection and 18 minute blast of top notch Sludge Metal riffage.

This two man band are a great band to look out for and the 30 minutes on this great release just flies by. If you want heavy pounding riffs from the word go then get checking them out.

As they portray a cool kaleidoscope of sounds ranging from Hardcore Sludge Metal to Doom and Post-Metal.

This is an album that will easily get inside your head and will not let go until the EP is fully over. Check out great tracks - Redshift and Frame-dragging.

Excellent tracks that show what this great band can do. Heavy punishing riffs with great vocals to match. Just head over to BandCamp right now and download this excellent EP for free right now.

As a bonus the guys have added their 2011 demo for free as well. So you get two excellent releases running for a might impressive 30 minutes or so for free.

So get downloading now. As this is another brilliant band to check out right now.

Highly Recommended!!!

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