Saturday 9 June 2012

Nous Étions

Limbes cover art

Nous Étions are a Sludge/Hardcore Metal Band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The members are:

Frank - Guitar
Alex - Bass/Vox
Alex - Guitar
Olivier - Drums
Jonathan - Vox

Nous Étions are a hard hitting Sludge/Hardcore band mixing their genres to brutal and wondrous effect.

If your into ISIS, Cult of Luna and Neurosis then be prepared for the same type of hard-hitting riffs those amazing bands are famous for. Nous Etons play at the same great place of Sludge Worship as those great bands.

One of the members is Disintoxication from Perception Through Dissonance blogspot

Well I follow his blog all the time so featuring his band is the least I can do. It’s good that the band’s debut release – “Limbes” is a top-great release which is full of sublime riffs you can shake a stick at.

Limbes is a 5 song collection and 19 minute blast of outstanding tracks that will have you in it’s midst in no time at all. This release shows this band has talent for writing great songs with a haunting emotional feel to them.

This release shows you a band with bags of potential and one that should be appearing on a lot of blogs in the next coming weeks and months.

Nous Etons mix Sludge, Hardcore, Crust and Post-Metal to give you an unflinching style of Sludge Metal that is very hard to master. Thank The Sludge Metal Heavens that Nous Etons have this nailed down to a fine art.

Adding ambient vocal passages to the mix give these guys a truly unsettling edge amongst their rivals but one they most be applauded for.

The release is expertly produced and played by all involved that showcases another great band to look out for.

All in all an excellent release which you can download for free right now from BandCamp. Give these hugely talented Sludge Rockers a try. You will be rewarded with a great band to check out.

Highly Recommended.

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