Monday, 9 February 2015

Profane And The Sacred - Chapter 1: Long Time Coming (Album Review)

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 23/2/2015
Label: Cargo Records

‘Chapter 1: Long Time Coming’ CD//DD track listing:

1. Bench
2. Bleed That Stone
3. You Know
4. Weather The Storm
5. From The Top
6. All For None
7. Just A Little
8. Words
9. A New Leaf


London has produced a stoner rock outfit of some ability in Profane and The Sacred. The religious dichotomy of their name aside, this is a heavy old time in the rich vein of COC (Keenan era).
‘Bench’ starts mellow, then goes for a big groove. The vocals and hooks are catchy and have a very classic rock quality to them- along with grit as well, naturally. That the opener is over eight minutes long is interesting and puts the band firmly in stoner territory. Without the song length, you could even label this classic rock in a 70's style.

‘Bleed That Stone’ has a big riff to open proceedings. It's driving and powerful stuff with an aggressive edge to it. A lovely guitar section in the middle and a heavy ending fill things out nicely. With that we are into the stop/start start (!) of ‘You Know’. More chugging southern grooves surface and the likes of Down, COC maybe even Karma to Burn are invoked. How you feel about people playing this kind of stuff who are not from the Southern states may well influence your initial feelings towards this, of course. If I had not read that they were UK based, I would not have known or guessed. It doesn't seem to put people off, say, Truck Fighters... so give them a chance.

‘Weather The Storm’ is a darker proposition. With a lengthy instrumental passage to open and set up a rather mournful vibe before a monster groove kicks in. The verses are much more up beat with tempo changes completing this lengthy track. ‘From The Top’ is heavy and powerful, with the kit coming in for some twin kick abuse and inventive rhythms- excellent. There is some excellent intricate guitar work around two thirds of the way through. A strong lyrical refrain tops off this excellent track.

‘All For None’ lets that live drum sound ring out to start with a loping and lazily laid back riff snaking in thereafter. Once again, it is powerful and groovy stuff. ‘Just a Little’ has a rather Skynyrd-esque title, and the content has a little of that band's wistfulness too. It's heavy, of course, but the lineage is clear.

‘Words’ (bass sound!) is seven and a half minutes of crushing stoner goodness.  A New Leaf’ has a mellow vibe throughout and closes the album with a lovely instrumental piece of music,
The record is a good one by any standard. It is certainly better than the vast majority of stuff out there in the stoner rock genre at the moment, and competes well with the big guns of the American scene too. The sound and production is great, the performances are committed and very strong for the whole band. If you like COC, Down, Alabama Thunderpussy, Artimus Pyledriver and even bands like Trouble then this is a must. A very good record.

Words by: Richard Maw

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