Wednesday 29 July 2015

'BBQ’s and Spontaneous Combustion' - An Interview with Valley of the Sun

Valley of the Sun spent two weeks trekking across Europe before making the necessary stop in Tilburg, Holland’s own rock n’ roll hideout. At first sight, birthday boy and singer Ryan looked a little worse for wear but when he showed me the van they had been travelling in, it all made sense. He introduced me to a friendly Frenchman, Arnoud, who I learned was borrowed from The Dot Legacy and was a stand-in for this tour. Then Aaron, the drummer, grabbed a chair and rambled on about Creationists and a museum in Cincinnati where humans are depicted riding on the backs of dinosaurs. I was in good company that was for sure. Eventually we got down to the interview, which you can watch below. If you enjoy stories about touring, food, and making music then be sure to check out this video

Interview by: Victor Van Ommen

Camera: Casper Stokhuyzen

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