Friday 3 July 2015

Interview: Victor van Ommen talks with The Atomic Bitchwax @ Desertfest Berlin April 2015

What’s left to say about The Atomic Bitchwax? We know they’re a power trio from another dimension and they’ll take you on a zany trip through the outer limits of your mind. The latest addition to their discography, “Gravitron,” is getting praise left, right, and center and unsurprisingly made it onto The Sludgelord’s Sour 16 in April. Needless to say, it wasn’t so surprising that they had the crowd at Desertfest Berlin eating out of their hands last April as they stomped their way across the stage and through their set to a backdrop of sped up space-themed visualizations. After their show I got to sit down with singer and bass player Chris Kosnik for an amusing conversation about the band, the tour, and their new album. Check out the interview right now: 

Words and interview by: Victor van Ommen
Camera by: Martin Luyckx