Monday 13 July 2015

A Light Within - 'Body Matter' EP (Review)

‘I can honestly say this is an incredible record to immerse yourself in and let the textures wash over you.’

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 7/7/15
Label: Static Tension Recordings

‘Body Matter’ track listing:

1. Torn Page #21
2. Page #22 _No Charge
3. Page #51 _Between Shores
4. Page #29 _World Through the Window
5. Page #13 _To Have; To Hold
6. Page #47-48 _Glaso

A Light Within is:



A Light Within's new second EP “Body Matter” is a pretty fascinating genre blend. This is one of the catchiest album's I've ever heard that incorporates an authentic sounding “underground” sound. The vocals in particular are a strong point, with thoughtful lyrics and a powerful diverse delivery; I can honestly say this is an incredible record to immerse yourself in and let the textures wash over you. The instrumentation is seamless and mixes ambient to heavy and back in a way that I've only heard a few bands like Junius do.

Jumping around a bit, the fourth track “World Through the Window” has the most heavy Junius vibes, particularly in the beginning with some epic singing and atmospheric guitar-work. Then it moves into some Deftones territory (the good Deftones stuff) with a sweet guitar interlude that isn't quite a solo. The rhythm section does a great job of not overplaying on this track with very tasteful bass lines and some really nice rolling drum-fills.

Speaking of drumming the vamp the drummer does on the final track is really well done as he slowly builds tension over the first couple of minutes with an unusual stomping beat. Jumping back, the way the EP begins is extremely well done with a short ambient wash with some murmured background vocals kicking into the second track “No Charge” which echoes “A Pillow of Winds” with a rooty delay wash beginning. The band meddles a bit further on the second to last track “To Have to Hold” with classical piano melodies floating over some arpeggios.

As different as A Light Within sounds, I will say the vocalist sounds creepily like the guy from Ghost Brigade at times. About an average length EP without any filler, this is a cool introduction to the band, although after starting with two solid EPs we can hope for a full-length in the near-term future. Overall a nice look into where these guys are going and I strongly recommend checking out their first EP “Preface” which is also excellent.

Words by: Chris Tedor

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