Friday 10 July 2015

Coffins - ‘Craving The Internal Slumber’ (Album Review)

‘No frills necessary, just barbaric riffs and guttural growls’

Album Type: Mini-Album
Date Released: 21/08/2015
Label: Hammerheart Records

‘Craving The Internal Slumber’ CD//LP//DD  track listing:

1. Hatred Storm
2. Tyrant
3. Craving To Eternal Slumber
4. Stairway To Torment
5. An Obscure Pain
6. Decapitated Crawl
7. Hellbringer*
8. Under The Stench* (Alternate Version)
* vinyl bonustracks

Coffins is:

Uchino | Guitar/Vocal
Satoshi  | Drums
Tokita | Vocal


Coffins new album. Does exactly what it says on the tin...or album sleeve in this case.

Coffins are a very prolific band with this  EP being release number 34 (and 4th this calendar year!) amid a slew of compilations, live albums and splits with the likes of Noothgrush, XXX Maniac, Otesanek, Hooded Menace etc.  For fans of meat and potatoes death metal with the occasional doomy passage, you can't go wrong with this. Opening number 'Hatred Storm' goes straight for the jugular. No frills necessary, just barbaric riffs and guttural growls.

'Tyrant' starts with a mid tempo beat and vocalist Tokita (only a member since 2014) growls like a samurai Chris Reifert. Title track 'Craving To Eternal Slumber' is next and is reminiscent of their 'Mortification To Ruin' album released in 2005 in its slow, crawling riffage. The horrific screams towards the end make this an uncomfortable listen. Next is 'Stairway to Torment' which goes full on in its Autopsy/Obituary worship. There's even some blast beats and a spoken word passage! 'An Obscure Pain', the album's 5th track is back to the meat and potatoes. Uchino riffs away like a mad man and drummer Satoshi hammering away and changing the time signature to 3/4 to provide the album's only frills. Final track ‘Decapitated Crawl’ may remind fans of their earlier work....because it's a rerecording from 2007's spilt with The Arm And Sword Of A Bastard God. In all honesty it's difficult to differentiate between Uchino and Tokita but it's always been a great track nonetheless.

In 2008, it was hard a find a copy of career highlight 'Buried Death' that wasn't sticky with the ejaculate of the extreme music press.  Since then, Coffins have stuck to what they always have done; churning out release after release of neanderthalic Death Fucking Metal. Don't expect a game changer or a landmark because Coffins don't play that shit and that's why we love 'em!

Words by: Chris Bull

‘Craving The Internal Slumber’ will be available here from 21/08/2015

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