Friday 17 July 2015

Riff Rewind: A Retrospective Review of The Sludgelord Archives

Whilst we’re still coming to terms with founding editor Steve Howe sadly leaving the blog, and with over 3000 articles published over the last 4 years, even the most ardent supporter of The Sludgelord, will not have read every one.   Today and over the weeks to come we present our retrospective rundown of the top reviews, free downloads, bands to check out, live reviews, interviews and much more as a tribute to what Steve started, what we continue to do and what we strive to achieve in future.

As you look through the archives, it is clear to see what Steve was attempting to achieve, indeed I think he acheived that, supporting the underground scene and giving exposure to heavy music.  This week on the inaugural Riff Rewind feature, we go back to the very beginning, all the way back to Friday 18/2/2011 and 5 bands you should most certainly need to check out.

As you dip into this feature, it’s only fitting we leave a final word of tribute to Steve’s work, Ted Smith a fan of the blog recently left this comment ‘It’s a real shame to hear you’re leaving, thanks for everything’. Thanks for everything Steve, hail the Riff! You can follow what Steve is doing via his new blog Outlaws of the Sun here

Now let’s get into the riffs, who’s heard of a band called Ghost, hell who remembers MySpace? 


Ghost are a Swedish Black Metal/Progressive/Power Pop Band, this was according to their MySpace page way back in 2011. 

Ghost released their debut album ‘Opus Eponymous’ in 2010. It has been getting some rave reviews from the music press, but in some quarters they have reacted negatively due to it being too retro and perceived as nothing new.  Personally I think this is a brilliant album. So with the band set to release their third full length ‘Meliora’ via Loma Vista Recordings on 21st August this year, Here is my fave track ‘Ritual’ from their debut. Enjoy!!! 

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L’Ira Del Baccano

L'Ira Del Baccano is an Instrumental Psychedelic Doom Metal band from Italy who have released 2 albums to date.  Way back in 2011 they were offering their ‘Si Non Sedes iS’ live album for free via their website.  Described as ‘56 minutes of doomdelic instrumental rock, incorporating very heavy space Rock with lashing of psych doom.’, they went on to release their long awaited debut ‘Terra 42’ which we raved about and you can read it here

Whilst ‘Si Non Sedes iS’ is no longer free, you can pick up both records via their bandcamp page here

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Koloss from Sweden issued their debut album ‘End Of The Chayot’ way back in January 2011.  Originally released for free download, the band explained that everything was recorded, mixed and mastered by the band, therefore because there was no actually cost to produce the record, they offered it up for free.  Fast forward then to 2015, the band released their last record in October 2013, called ‘Empower the Monster, but their debut is still available as a ‘Name your Price’ download.  

So, if you’re a fan of ISIS, Baroness and Neurosis.  Download it now, this is awesome Stuff.   You can also check out this great interview Steve carried out with the band in 2013 here

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(C) Shannon Corr
 Kowloon Walled City

Kowloon Walled City is a superb band from San Francisco, California. They play really down and dirty sludge, noise-metal, with a shit ton of cool groove to match.

KWC have been going since 2007. To date they have released 1 EP ‘Turk Street’ 2 Albums ‘Gambling on the Richter scale’ and most recently ‘Container Ships’ (review here) and 3 Splits, most recently with Thou and Battilus.  Named after a densely-populated, autonomous region of Hong Kong known for its brothels, casinos and opium dens, Kowloon Walled City recently signed with Neurot Recordings and Gilead Media for the release of their upcoming record.  This band is a firm favourite at The Sludgelord, indeed if you like them, you’ll most certainly like the band Tigon too (review here). 

You download most of their music as ‘Name Your Price’ download from their band camp here.  This band is highly recommended.

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Adrift for Days

Adrift for Days are band that need no introduction here at the Sludgelord. Given that we have lauded about them since 2011. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, they described themselves on their early bio as a psychedelic stoner/doom band, formed to entertain their love for down-tempo music; blues, psychedelia, post-rock, drone, doom, sludge, stoner rock, ambience (etc).

Their debut album "The Lunar Maria" is a sprawling 71-minutes magnus opus, a veritable smoked out, psychedelic drone fest that was originally released which was released on August 5th, 2010.   Inspired by such groups as Neurosis, Electric Wizard, Dax Riggs, Weedeater, Alice in Chains, Down, Om, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. Recording of their debut took place at The Brain Studios with additional recording, mixing and mastering completed by Tim Carr at 301 Studios.

Adrift for Days have since released another stunning record ‘Come Midnight’, that Steve voted as his no1 of 2012.  You can download ‘The Lunar Maria’ as well as their most recent record from their bandcamp page

This is another stunning band for you to check out and highly Recommended if your fans of Neurosis, ISIS and bands of that nature.

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Thanks for reading and hope you check out these fantastic bands. Thanks as ever for your support and hopefully this article will be the first of many to come.