Wednesday 1 July 2015

Electric Valley - Multiverse (Album Review)


‘Multiverse’ is an intelligent, exciting and superb album for you all you serious Stoner Rock fans out there’

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 15/06/2015
Label: Self Released

‘Multiverse’ track Listing:

1.Lizard Queen 06:23
2.Black Hole 05:38
3.Ufo´s Rain 06:34
4.Exiled 08:39
5.Alien Orgy Trio 04:41
6.No.13 04:27
7.King Of Pluton 06:41
8.Minutemen´s Ballad 06:48

Electric Valley is:

MIKY SIMÓN | Bass and Vocals


Electric Valley's debut album owes a whole lot of gratitude to Stoner Rock innovators Kyuss and Fu Manchu, as well as more modern day bands such as Truckfighters. On their debut album ‘Multiverse’ it ventures into Space Rock territory to give this album a heavy atmospheric vibe build upon a foundation of riffs. Opening track ‘Lizard Queen’ is an intriguing choice to open the song with, the vocals have a certain John Garcia quality about them and the band offer up a subtle style of psychedelic stoner rock for the listener to feast upon. On the whole the track is very good but it feels a little disjointed, with the band venturing from straight up Stoner Rock to the crazier Blues/Fuzz Rock sounds towards the end of the song.

Despite this little stumble at the beginning, Electric Valley blast along the Californian Highway like an escaped convict escaping from the law, with the riffs becoming more exciting as time goes by. On the second track ‘Black Hole’ we see lead vocalist, Miky becoming more confident and slightly forceful with Sci-fi inspired tales of rebellion. The music has a more stripped back approach which allows the band to create a fuzzier and almost violent Stoner Rock atmosphere bursting with passion and ideas. There are a few epic guitar solos flying about on this song too, so if you miss the early days of Truckfighters, this band is the one for you.

Admittedly, Electric Valley are not going to offer anything new to a long-time Stoner Rock/Metal fan, but please don't let that put you off because this album is brimming full of great ideas.  It is top-notch music that will keep you entertained from beginning to end, with ‘Multiverse’ feeling like it is the album that Vista Chino should have released.  It doesn't hold back, grabs the listener by the neck and shows the band's love for all things Stoner Rock/Metal. Third track ‘Ufo's Rain’ is one of the albums strongest tracks with Electric Valley fusing genres such as Stoner, Space Rock, Fuzz and Blues for an extended jamming session, indeed it is undeniable how exciting it can be when the band play off each other. The drumming is one of the albums highlights, understated yes, but when the time calls for something heavy and bombastic then drummer Charlie delivers time and time again.

Fourth track ‘Exiled’ starts off with a slow-paced bluesy riff, with traces of 90s style Grunge that fans of Pearl Jam will easily recognise, once again it is the FUZZ tone that draws you in, the riffs maybe subdued but the vocals and drums become heavier with each passing moment. It's a trippy and psychedelic affair that transports you to the Californian Desert instead of the far reaches of space that the band ultimately to strive for. Most times they're successful but on ‘Exiled’, you feel you're transported to the legendary Californian desert. Exiled runs for almost 9 mins and Electric Valley pack a lot of different moods and ideas within the epic running time.

The 2nd half of the album sees Electric Valley focus more on the Psychedelic side of their music with some clever lyrics to match. 5th track ‘Alien Ogre Trio’ shows that the band do have a wicked sense of humour. The albums 3 remaining tracks ‘No.13’, ‘King Of Pluton’ and ‘Minuteman's Ballad’ offers Stoner/Fuzz/Space/Desert Rock escapism of the highest order and for me Electric Valley's talent knows no bounds. ‘Multiverse’ is an intelligent, exciting and superb album for you all you serious Stoner Rock fans out there. The production on the album is superb especially when the band change musical styles and let the FUZZ take over. Give Electric Valley a try and you'll be pleasantly surprised, ‘Multiverse’ has something for everyone to enjoy. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by: Steve Howe

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