Friday 3 July 2015

Interview: Victor van Ommen talks with Cigale @ Desertfest Berlin April 2015

Cigale is a Dutch band featuring some familiar faces if you followed SunGrazer, but for the rest they’re pretty low profile. No tours are scheduled, just a loose show here and there, and the response they’re getting for their independently released debut album seems to be erratic but mostly positive. If you were to ask me what I thought about the album, you would hear some pretty positive things, too. The album opener drifts along with a meditative drone that’s due in part to the lush bass tone. “Feel the Heat,” as the title suggests, has a warm push that builds into a delicate onslaught of reverb filled slide guitar. Cigale’s first single, “Harvest Begun,” is the album’s centerpiece and for good reason, too. It’s a soundtrack for a passionate rough and tumble which swells organically to a breathtaking climax. Yes, it’s innocent music and not particularly exciting, but psychedelia’s slow roll doesn’t always need to be exciting, certainly not when it’s this welcoming.

Since you’ve read this far you’re probably interested in learning more about the band. If that’s the case then please check out the interview I did last April at Desertfest Berlin 2015 by means of the video below

Words and interview by: Victor van Ommen
Camera by: Martin Luyckx