Friday 3 July 2015

Hashteroid- ‘Respect the Depths’ EP (Review)

'Check out these guys from Vancouver and be prepared to be splattered by their noise rock'.

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 20/04/2015
Label: Self Release

‘Respect the Depth’ CD/DD track listing:

1). Tokyo
2). Surges
3). Desert Rat
4). Infinite Peak

Hashteroid is:

Alex Gidora | Guitar & Vocals
Mike Grossnickle | Bass
Steve Chambers | Drums


Canadian dudes Hashteroid are a new band for me, playing hard driving riff rock in a Motorhead style, they have produced four tracks of good old fashioned in your face head banging metal.

The EP kicks off in a Motorhead groove with ‘Tokyo’, 100mph riffs, vocals and drums pummel your ears and brain into submission. With no let up, ‘Surges’ arrives using slow grinding riffs to surge through the track producing a feeling that the tide is slowly coming into drown the world. A nice guitar solo arrives which enhances and changes this tracks vibe to another level of musicianship. You now gallop along with ‘Desert Rat’, played at an extreme thrash speed making your ears bleed, brain melt and your neck snap. ‘Infinite Peak’ still rips your body apart but this time the song has more structure, tempo changes, riffs, solo’s and controlled vocals makes this my top track of the EP.

I know this is not an in depth review but Hashteroid’s music is played like that. Straight to the point in your face riff rock! Nothing really new here for me but the guys play like their lives depend on it and that can only be a good thing for their future in this cut throat business of metal. If these guys can work and develop the style produced on ‘Infinite Peak’ it could be the way forward. Live these guys will kick up a storm and hopefully they will get the opportunity to showcase their music on the European festival circuit soon. These guys would be embraced by the metal head’s of the UK and Europe. These guys haven’t grabbed me to much but this is still a good effort and fans of Bad Guys, Henry Blacker, Orange Goblin, early Thrash and hardcore will like this. Check out these guys from Vancouver and be prepared to be splattered by their noise rock.

Words by: Brian Mclean

‘Respect The Depths’ is available for free here

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