Friday 3 July 2015

Unmothered - 'UMBRA' EP (Review)

‘UMBRA’ is like a punch in the face so hard you shit your pants

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 26/05/2015
Label: Crowquill Records

‘UMBRA’ CD//DD track listing:

1). Magnetar
2). Huntress
3). Scarp

Unmothered is:

Matt Walker | Vocals, Guitar
Joseph Barnes | Bass
Matt Moulia | Drums


Unmothered is one of those bands that hits you like a car crash. When you hear them, you think “oh, fuck yea.” So, its no surprise that their newest release ‘UMBRA’ is like a punch in the face so hard you shit your pants. Even though its three track roster leaves you wanting more, it’s still heavy as all hell, and packed full of gritty flavor. While still having a distinct and original sound of their own which is referred to as “Haunt Rock” (also, my new favorite phrase), Unmothered has successfully blended everything I love about groups such as High on fire, Baroness, and Mastodon...all of which Unmothered could stand tall next to.

The opening track ‘Magnetar’, immediately took me by surprise with its relentless pounding drums, and detuned catchy riffs. I noticed a superb execution and great use of time signature change right around the 1:25 mark, and my neck still hurts from headbanging. On the ‘Huntress’, the song kicks off with a sort of blackened hardcore feel and takes the listener to a dark reflective place fairly quickly, as this is the shortest song on the record. ‘Scarp’, the final track, adds some slightly progressive playing techniques and a more dynamic approach  that really showcases the bands well roundedness, especially towards the tail end of the song where there is an atmospheric build up. The song kicks in again here, and every time I hear it I get goosebumps. Very well done. 

Ultimately, these guys get it. I really liked their 2012 EP, and this release is even better. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that there weren't more tracks for me to blast, and piss off all my neighbors I guess I'll just put these three songs on repeat! For fans of the phrase “Haunt Rock”, or other intrigued metal heads, ‘UMBRA’ is highly recommended. Sleeping on this record however, will be the stupidest thing you've done in a long time...besides that one thing.

Words by: Joel Willis

‘UMBRA’ is available here

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