Wednesday 22 January 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Bonded, "Rest in Violence"

By: Peter Morsellino 

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 17/01/2020
Label: Century Media Records

“Rest in Violence” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1. Godgiven (04:13)
2. Suit Murderer (04:12)
3. Rest in Violence (03:49)
4. Je Suis Charlie (03:55)
5. The Rattle & The Snake (04:00)
6. No Cure for Life (4:40)
7. Where Silence Reverberates (05:14)
8. Galaxy M87 (04:52)
9. Arrival (03:52)
10. The Outer Rim (04:42)

The Review:
What is the current state of Thrash Metal?  Slayer took their final bows late last year.   Metallica and Megadeth have risen into the musical stratosphere leaving behind much of what made them the bands they are today.  The genre continues to grow but seems to grow more and more unrecognizable with the growing influence of hardcore. Who remains carrying the flame?  Who can return thrash to its classic roots?  I believe that Bonded is the band that is up to that task. On their 2020 album, “Rest in Violence”, Bonded offer up some of the best, pure, uncut thrash metal I've heard in a very long time.
searing, burning, face melting thrash.  

This album burns quickly. With its mile a minute tempos and infectious grooves keeping the listener laser focused, it seems to be over almost as quickly as it begins. Don't get me wrong though, this isn't a speed run. This album has a lot to offer in its diversity.  While its title track works desperately to break the sound barrier, tracks like “No Cure For Life” rest back on mid-tempo beats without losing any of the intensity.  Even when leaning off the gas, this album maintains that thrashy grit and attitude that brought us to it. 

The vocals on this album blended perfectly with the band's breakneck pace give off a hint of a Motorhead vibe, while sometimes even evoking Kind Diamond in their theatricality.  Guitar harmonies rival the best of Iron Maiden's catalog. Drums hammer into the listener's skull, sometimes stealing the show entirely.  If you like drums and own a car, you may want to invest in a steering wheel cover before giving this album a listen. It's going to get a workout.
Lyrical themes on “Rest in Violence” are a diverse mix. While all the genre's favorite themes are present, Bonded do not rest on the tried and true standards of war and bloodshed.  These songs often reach into the realms of space for influence, creating a particularly interesting atmosphere for thrash metal. One particular lyrical standout, “The Outer Rim” offers up some sorrowful emotion that is all too often missing from thrash. 

Bonded offer up a masterpiece of thrash metal on par with the best of anything the Big Four have offered in a very long time. Break out your battle jacket for this one and get ready to headbang. 

“Rest in Violence” is available HERE

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