Wednesday 8 January 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Deadspawn, "Pestilence Reborn"

By: Thomas Gonzales

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 11/01/2020
Label: Independent

"Pestilence Reborn" DD track listing:

 1. Warpath
02. Ex Inferis 2. Ex Inferis
03. Communion 3. Communion
04. Pestilence Reborn 4. Pestilence Reborn
05. From Ruins 5. From Ruins
06. Language of Creation 6. Language of Creation
07. This Ascension 7. This Ascension
08. Limits Of Flesh 8. Limits Of Flesh
09. Shiatan 9. Shiatan
10. The Plague Within 10. The Plague Within

The Review: 

Deadspawn is starting the new decade off in a BIG way with the debut independent release “Pestilence Reborn”. Formed in 2009 Deadspawn have undergone several line-up changes, and dropped two EPs prior; 2013’s “The Ascension”, and 2015’s “The Source of Chaos”. Drawing from the well-springs of entropy, the band shapes their US blend of Blackened Death Metal into a writhing and shifting cacophony of sonic bombardment, and malign visions.

On the surface Deadspawn doesn’t attempt to hide their influences, spanning many subgenres of extreme metal, the casual listener could get lost in the familial techniques of their peers. However, upon closer inspection, one may be surprised to find the way these methods are executed to be the shining achievement. “Pestilence Reborn” has the unique ability to create a very palatable pacing that helps break the monotony that often plagues albums in the Death Metal subgenre, from blast beats, to guitar flourishes, and solos, the band expresses a solid technical understanding of their style of music. Taken in singles, or as a complete piece, the album has enough diversity to keep the listener enthralled for its rather robust run time.

The standout song on the album, also happens to be the title track, “Pestilence Reborn”. While not the most inventive song on the list, its adept execution of competent song writing has an almost single like nature, something fans could listen to outside the context of the surrounding tracks. Its punchy introduction immediately elevates the pulse, before passing through the veil of chaos, and animating the Hellscape that defines the themes of “Pestilence Reborn” with some of the best screams and tremolo riffing on the release, its pandemonium, and it’s lovely.

Deadspawn’s focus on horror and fantasy elements help paint an image of torment and chaos befitting of a band who’s biography quotes Clive Barker, and tells the story of barbarous warriors atrociously  destroying their enemies before “willingly passing through the gates of oblivion to conquer a new world”. The new world is ours, and the last words on our lips will be “Deadspawn”. “Pestilence Reborn” is a fun release that has enough serious song writing, and technical prowess to really encourage the promise of this Phoenix based group going forward into the new year, and maybe, beyond.

“Pestilence Reborn” is available HERE

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