Friday 24 January 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Dukatalon, "Involuntary Action"

By: Benjamin Gomes

Album Type: Full Length 
Date Released: 01/01/2020
Label: Independent 

“Involuntary Action” DD track listing:

1). Above The Flames
2). No Consolation
3). Conscience Bleeds
4). Dark Pool
5). Involuntary Action
6). Blackened Disease
7). Myopia
8). Angels In Red
9). Quicksand Warning

The Review: 

10 years after their Relapse Records debut, Saved By Fear”, Israeli riffmasters Dukatalon return to crush our ears with Involuntary Action”, a rather unique exercise in heaviness that albeit being traceable regarding influences, stands on its own as a great sludge release.   

Sonically the album is very akin to the works of bands like High On Fire, early Mastodon or the first The Sword albums. During its whole duration the band always grips the listener closely with their groovy riffs but also keeps the songs interesting with some beautifully intertwined leads that never feel unnecessary and give some air to breathe before getting crushed again by their excellent riffage.   
Throughout the album, the band also explores more atmospheric influences which is the case on the title track, which wouldn’t seem displaced if it appeared on an album by Cult of Luna for example. With all the sonic realms covered through this album the band shows that their comfort zone is pretty diverse and that they don’t sit within a specific sound which contributes to their uniqueness in the sludge scene.  

If you want a great time with a magnificent sludge album that crushes your soul while leaving you wanting for more, Involuntary Action” is definitely what youre looking for. 

“Involuntary Action” is available HERE

Band info: bandcamp || facebook