Tuesday 14 January 2020

REVIEW: Voidlurker, "Industrial Nightmare"

By: Peter Morsellino

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 31/01/2020
Label: APF Records

“Industrial Nightmare” CD//DD track listing:

1). Industrial Nightmare
2). Jeffrey Doomer
3). Rotten Seed
4). Bitchcraft And Misery

The Review:

Looking for some low tuned, slowed down, heavy as hell riffs that you can still dance too? Voidlurker have you covered.

With their first EP on APF Records, this three piece from Birmingham, England come ready to rock, with groove laden hooks to sink the doom into you.

At just twenty six and a half minutes, “Industrial Nightmare” grabs hold of you and drags you through the muck, keeping you dancing the whole way. From old school Crowbar like riffs to ultra intense funeral dirges, this band can stick a groove into just about anything. Vocalist Brad Thomas has a nice fry to his voice lending a hand to some of the more decipherable lyrics in the genre. All things considered, Voidlurker avoid the pitfalls of the slow jam game, creating an album that remains a good time from start to finish.

These tunes tend to lean a bit on the longer side, but the grooves and hooks do well to remove notice from this. This album, though slow as molasses at times, does not drag one bit. I've heard a lot of bands, big and small, grind through an eight minute song when they've clearly run out of ideas around minute three and a half. This is not the case with “Industrial Nightmare”. These songs are well crafted; put together with the utmost care. Time changes are well placed throughout and transition seamlessly. One word to describe this album keeps coming back to the forefront of my mind, and that is: deliberate.

Standout, “Bitchcraft and Misery”, kicks off with a tasty lead lick that would feel very well at home on any Sabbath album. It grinds slowly into a doomy riff-fest, without losing intensity, and with a breakdown that will have you fighting your friends in no time. At just four minutes-forty, this is the quickest track on the album, but it is in no way short on creativity.

“Industrial Nightmare” is heavy. It is slow and it is loud. Most importantly, it is a very good time.

Voidlurker have a good thing going here, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

“Industrial Nightmare” is available HERE

Band info: bandcamp || facebook