Wednesday 15 January 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Timeworn, "Leave the Soul for Now"

By: Peter Morsellino

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 06/12/2020
Label: Loyal Blood Records

“Leave the Soul for Now” track listing:

1). Sky Castles
2). Count the Crosses
3). Oblivion Seekers
4). Hellwater
5). Paradise Crown
6). Visceral Reality
7). The Fallen King
8). Vagrant Heart

The Review:

Norway's Timeworn return with a banger of a third album. “Leave the Soul for Now” is the culmination of the five year journey that Timeworm has taken us on since their first effort.  This is an emotional, visceral work; leaving very little to be desired. Whatever your favorite albums of 2019 may have been, I hope you wrote your list in pencil, because this one will be squeezing its way in.

Timeworn's sound is an interesting blend of influences. Mixing the aggression of Trivium's earlier works with the melodies of modern In Flames, and the briefest of hints of their homeland's black metal heritage shining through at times. “Leave the Soul for Now” is an auditory delight, with a complex, layered, yet very easily accessible sound. Seriously, these guys should he getting play on every modern rock station the world over.

The standout for me is midpoint “Hellwater”. An out of nowhere Alice in Chains style romp. Complete with acoustic guitars, haunting vocal harmonies and a blazing solo to tie the bow together with some sludgy riffing sneaking its way in there just to keep you on your toes. This one will bury itself deep within you, and you'll be humming it for days to come. . It is truly an incredible specimen.

Vocals shine particularly on “Leave the Soul for Now”, delivering sharp barks, melodic singing, and moaning wails over the album's fifty five minutes plus.  Guitars crunch and grind the way they are supposed to, while singing and weeping when needed. The rhythm section is tight as can be, but not settling to service the songs alone.  Together all parts form a cohesive, aggressive while beautiful attack. The emotion conveyed by this band seeps into your soul. When it’s finished, prepare to need a second play pretty quick, because you will miss it desperately.

Timeworn deliver the goods here expertly. With an album full of surprises, the biggest one must be that I've never heard of these guys before.  This thing crushes. It should be everywhere. Spread the word. Scream it from the windows.

“Leave the Soul for Now” by Timeworn.  Don't forget it. You will hear it again. 

“Leave the Soul for Now” is available HERE

Band info: facebook || bandcamp