Friday 24 January 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Thy Catafalque, "Naiv"

By: Thomas Gonzales

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 24/01/2020
Label: Season of Mist

“Naiv” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1. A bolyongás ideje (4:55)
2. Tsitsushka (5:39)
3. Embersólyom (4:17)
4. Számtalan színek (2:34)
5. A valóság kazamatái (5:30)
6. Kék madár (Négy kép) (6:27)
7. Napút (3:48)
8. Vető (8:17)
9. Szélvész (5:36)

The Review:

Self-labeled Avante Garde solo artist Tamas Katai brings yet another evolution to the ever-changing stylings of his opus Thy Catafalque. While not a “band” in the traditional sense, Thy Catafalque’s latest release “Naiv”, is an ensemble of musicians showcasing no less than 10 guest artists. Tamas once again shifts the dynamic of underground metal, covering a wide array of genres, including Black Metal, Folk, Electronic, and even Pop. Under his band’s moniker, Tamas has woven a diverse tapestry of sound, into a colorful exploration of sonic ingenuity, communicating why Thy Catafalque is such a prolific force in the metal consciousness.

Opening strong with the track “A bolyongás ideje”, Thy Catafalque’s roots in Black Metal are put on full display in a hauntingly dark jam, befitting of an extreme metal veteran. However, it isn’t long before the listener is swept up in Hungarian Folk instruments and jazz inspired hooks, shifting seamlessly through various genres, before peaking with electronic sections and Pop sensibilities; then once again giving way to his brand of Blackened Folk Metal. 
Track 8 “Veto” is a whopping 8 minutes long, and begins with a conventional metal hook, but eventually transitions to a chilled-out post rock bop, complete with twinkling synth effects, and droning keyboard tones. It is as frenetic as it sounds, but it is pieces like this that showcase the variety and cultural influences of Tamas’ compositions. Folk drums and flutes weave amongst Hungarian choral singers before ultimately culminating in an intense melodic burst of metal. There’s a little something for everyone, and if you wanted to cover the spectrum of sounds present here-in, this is the track to share.

Getting their start in the late 90s, Thy Catafalque’s current sound is far beyond simple experimentation, “Naiv” is a fascinating study of traditional songwriting paired with Black Metal, that is dynamic and diverse enough to stand out in the field of their Progressive and Avante Garde peers, but it still be enjoyed by their long-time fans seeking something a heavier.

Thy Catafalque do not pretend to create “easy” listening music, but instead stay true to the artistic vision with which they approach each project. This is not an album that someone can pick or choose a single from and find satisfaction, but it is instead meant to be heard as a cohesive concept. While it may take some listeners multiple attempts, those who are vigilant will be rewarded with a unique and fulfilling experience that transcends the scope of conventional songwriting.

“Naiv” is available HERE

Band info: Bandcamp || facebook