Friday 10 January 2020

REVIEW: Mosara, "Mosara Demo 2019"

By: Randall Platt

Album Type: Demo
Date Released: 29/11/2019
Label: Independent

“Mosara Demo 2019” DD track listing:

1). “I Cain”
2). “Clay and Iron”

The Review:

Phoenix, Arizona also known as the Valley of the Sun, is a strange metropolis area located in the upper edge of the Sonoran Desert.  It's not too rare for temperatures to reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit and anyone living in such an area will tell you, that kind of heat can fill a person with a certain type of anger.       From listening to Mosara’s recently released demo, it's easy to see that they are no stranger to such angst. 

First forming in 2005 by guitarist/vocalist Tony Gallegos, Mosara started out as a straightforward doom band.  The first incarnation of the band eventually dissolved with members going on to form bands such as Enirva, Collapsian and TwinGiant.  Luckily for us, in the summer of 2018, Gallegos and guitarist, Nikos Mixas joined forces with drummer, John Quinn and bassist, Kristoffer Reynolds to re-form Mosara and bring some good old fashion doom metal to the south-west area.The bands two song demo, released in November of 2019, is a great insight into what we can expect from Mosara in the future.  
Some people might be put off by the word “demo” but the recording and engineering far exceeds what one might consider “demo quality”. A feed backing guitar and Gallegos' guttural vocals bring us into the sludgy goodness entitled “I Cain”.  The best way to describe this song is to think about Black Tusk and Lord Mantis having a one night stand, someone not pulling out and nine months later Mosara's I Cain” is born.  I mean this in the most flattering way possible.

Next up, is the five in half minute banger “Clay and Iron”.  This track starts off with an impending doom kind of riff and once the drums kick in, it only intensifies this feeling.  When Gallegos' vocals start, it sounds like he is in actual agony, which is a sound I always enjoy. These painful screams add a great nuance to the overall sound of the song.  The chorus has a groovy Sabbath type guitar that takes presence and really gets the head moving.  The breakdown reminds me of an Aztec warrior riding into battle, spear in hand, ready to conquer any who gets in his way.  This is followed by a melodic and creamy guitar solo with leads us to the last verses of “Clay and Iron  

Do yourself a favor and take eight minutes out of your day to check out Mosara's demo.  You won't be disappointed.  

“Demo” is available now

Band info: bandcamp || facebook