Wednesday 29 January 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Scissorfight, "Doomus Abruptus Vol. 1"

By: Peter Morsellino

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released:  06/12/2019
Label: Salt of the Earth Records

“Doomus Abruptus Vol. 1” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1). Caveman Television
2). Dumpfight
3). Coagulus
4). Rock And/Or Die
5). Where Eagles Drink
6). Piss In The Wind
7). The Battle Of (Mudhole Mountain)
8). Lead Venom
9). Whatcha Get

The Review:

Break out your shitkickers.  We're going for a ride and it's gonna get anything but classy.  Scissorfight take us on a good time romp of stoner jams dripping in southern swag and rock and roll attitude. Fun will be had, whether you like it or not.

“Doomus Abruptus Vol. 1” is filled to the brim with hard rocking riffs, sure to get you going on the dancefloor.  From funky jams to full on swampy doom drudgery. Like an eighteen wheeler on an all night haul straight to hell, this thing gets going and just doesn't want to stop.  This is an album best enjoyed over a few beers with friends, passing the funny stuff back and forth and pumping a fist in the air.

Tracks like “Coagula” rock with a forgotten swagger of years gone by, conjuring visions of exposed chest hair and souped up Camaros.  It blazes down the highway without a care of what lies before it.  It's hard and heavy, caring only for the blurring highway and the wind in its hair.  This is the general tone prevailing through the album's forty minutes. It's a rocking and rolling party that you don't want to miss. That's not to say there's no depth here though.

Battle of (Mudhole Mountain)” is a country tinged story song that can hold its own with anything that Johnny Cash could throw at it while hitting harder than a freightliner.  A beautiful mix of genres that grooves and swoons and swings and broods. The bluegrass riffing is a delight, and a highlight of the album. 
Scissorfight serve up some fine southern comfort with all the riffs you could ask for.  A monument to raw rock and roll power. Grab a cold one from the icebox, spark up a joint, and gather round the bonfire. “Doomus Abruptus Vol.1” is a roaring good time, and this party is going all night long.

“Doomus Abruptus Vol. 1” is available HERE

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