Monday 6 January 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Haunt, "Mind Freeze"

By: Andrew Davie

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 06/01/2020
Label: Shadow Kingdom Records

“Mind Freeze” CS//CD//DD//LP track listing:

1. ‘Light The Beacon’
2. ‘Hearts On Fire’
3. ‘Mind Freeze’
4. ‘Divide And Conquer’
5. ‘Saviors Of Man’
6. ‘Fight Or Flight’
7. ‘Have No Fear’
8. ‘On The Stage’
9. ‘Voyager’

The Review:

Haunt began in 2017 as a solo project of musician Trevor Church. Initially, Church played guitar, drums, bass, recorded, and distributed Haunt’s debut EP “Luminous Eyes”. However, it’s grown into a full-fledged band with a lineup that includes Church on guitar and vocals, John Tucker on guitar, Taylor Hollman on bass, and Daniel “Wolfy” Wilson on drums. Haunt’s latest album, “Mind Freeze”, is distributed by Shadow Kingdom Records

Church, a multi-instrumentalist, is no stranger to metal. He played bass for the band Inside the Sun, drums for Worship of Keres, and sang for Wolf Ghost. Aside from fronting Haunt, he currently plays bass for Hysteria and doubles as the guitarist and vocalist for Beastmaker. Similarly, he records and distributes music under his own banner Church Recordings. Prolific in his output, Church put out 4 EP’s with Beastmaker, and 1 LP with Haunt in 2018. Haunt has also put out 2 EP’s and 3 LP’s since its inception.
While many of Church’s other bands have more of a doom vibe, Haunt has more NWOBHM influences, and would fit in nicely on a bill that included early Iron Maiden, and 80s era Judas Priest

The musicianship is stellar which results in tremendous guitar harmonies between Church and Tucker. Tracks like “Light the Beacon” and “Have No Fear” are melodic throwbacks which include aspects of prog rock such as great use of synth accompaniments. Other tracks like “Mind Freeze” and “Divide and Conquer” hit you at breakneck speed. The arrangements are complex and result in multiple time signature changes which gives the band plenty of chances to demonstrate their musical chops. Haunt has picked up the torch for thrash and run with it. The album uses all the building blocks to construct an excellent installment in the genre. If you are a fan of early thrash, this album is for you. 

“Mind Freeze” is available HERE

Band info: bandcamp || facebook