Friday 10 January 2020

TRACK PREMIERE: SUUM, "Creatures From the Vault"

“Cryptomass” is the follow-up album to SUUM's debut, “Buried Into the Grave”, and expertly combines the spirit of the bands influences with their own unique brand of haunting Italian Doom. Although more immersed in the traditional doom sound, the band do not lack in the sheer heaviness department. Also notable, the vocals add a very ghastly and spectral atmosphere which I find quite appealing and distinctive. Turn up your stereo and watch your speakers die as we debut a brand new track 'Creatures From the Vault' which you can check out below, as well as a quote about the track from the band

"We think this song is the perfect soundtrack for a nocturnal stroll through the cemetery. This song embodies 100% of SUUM's style - all our influences are contained within this track. Heavy Sabbath-ian riffs with epic/dramatic vocals. It is probably the most defining piece of the record."

Band info: bandcamp || facebook