Monday 21 April 2014

Greenhorn - Doom Hawk - EP Review

Album TypeEP
Date Released: May 2014
Label: TBA Later
Doom Hawk - track listing

1. Horse Cock
2. Enemies
3. Driven Like A Cunt
4. Kingdom By The Sea
5. Binoculars

The Band Members



Bournemouth's finest purveyors of Sludge/Doom Metal riffsters – GREENHORN are back with their stunning new EP – Doom Hawk. I featured these guys back in 2013 when I featured their debut EP – The Plague Doctor's Mask. Now Greenhorn are back with Doom Hawk.

A 20 minute EP spread along 5 tracks filled with filth ridden and anger filled Doom/Sludge Metal riffs waiting to fuck up your entire world. Though Greenhorn are different from your usual Doom/Sludge Metal bands. As they guys have a killer sense of humour to their music to show that they know how to have fun with their music as well. Though you may not think of this when listening to the brutal onslaught of riffs the band have in store for you.

Need more evidence. OK first track – Horse Cock – Yeah a Sludge/Doom Metal track called Horse Cock. But it's the music where it matters most and Greenhorn have delivered 3:36 minutes of heavy punishing riffs that pays homage to bands such as Grief, Iron Monkey and EyeHateGod though done in Greenhorn's immaculate Doom Metal style. The vocals are full of anger through out and it gives Greenhorn a violent edge compared against their British friends and rivals of the Doom Metal scene.

2nd track – Enemies – carries on the devastating mixture of harsh vocals and riffs laid down previously though the band add elements of groove to this track and it makes it one of the EP's standout tracks. Play this one nice and loud as your speakers deserve it. Even playing this track at full blast and pissing off your neighbours deserve to hear the devastating riffs that Greenhorn have laid down here.

3rd Track – Driven Like A Cunt – has a violent blues based riff that sounds something like Church Of Misery would be proud to call their own. Though it's the dangerous vocals that make Greenhorn sound like a bunch of violent cunts on the rampage. No offence guys. But this is brutal with a capital FUCKING BRUTAL. The heavy pounding bass is the main driving force here with the drums and guitars slowly hiding in the background.

Now we come to the EP's main even. The epic 4th track – Kingdom By The Sea – which is worth the purchase of the EP alone. As it's a blistering 7:06 minute epic which shows what Greenhorn is all about. Slow-paced riffs which builds up the tension with each passing second with Greenhorn laying down some superb clean based vocals. This track is all about mood and the mood is DOOM!!! - Just embrace the carnage that Greenhorn are laying down for you here. It's an epic journey you won't easily forget.

The last track – Binoculars – only last for 6 seconds. What the fuck guys. I was just starting to get into the mood for some more heavy doom based riffs and you end this superb EP with a 6 second EP. Maybe a fuck you from the guys and their twisted sense of humour saying – Until Next Time Bitches!!!

Well Greenhorn have got my appetite well and truly destroyed. I want to hear more riffs you heartless bastards. Anyway joking aside. Doom Hawk is a brilliant EP. It really is. It proves that Greenhorn have the potential to be one of the UK's best and loudest Doom/Sludge Metal bands when they release their full length record.

Awesome. End Of.

Doom Hawk will be available to buy soon. Thanks to the guys for sending me a promo to review.

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Written by Steve Howe