Thursday 17 April 2014

Salem's Pot - '...Lurar ut dig på prärien’ (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 29/4/2014
Label : Easy Rider Records

‘…Lurar ut dig på prärien’, album track listing :

1). Creep Purple 14:28
2). Dear Death 09:52
3). Notting Hill 09:12

Review :

There is nothing ordinary about Swedish doom/stoner outfit Salem’s Pot, from the band name, the album title (something in Swedish I presume) as well as its bizarre evocative semi pornographic cover art, and this perception is conjured before I’ve even heard their music. As expected, normality doesn’t factor musically either.  Along similar lines as Electric Wizard, Orchid and like any doom band an obligatory nod to Black Sabbath, Salem’s Pot latest offering is an acid drenched, mind bending and ultimately gripping listen. All contained within three epic tracks.

The odd sci-fi spacey sounds that introduce first track Creep Purple (these guys are clearly into a bit of word play) affirms the peculiar energy that permeates into the core of their music. Initially constructed around a distorted, dawdling doom riff, then taking flight with a wailing guitar solo and up tempo groovy riff, before returning back to the thick beguiling sounds of doom, this fourteen and a half minute hazy onslaught is mightily captivating. Inundated with oppressive distorted tones and cavernous heavily reverbed yet distinguishable vocals, Dr. Death is heavy and majestically trippy. Also incorporating an accordion it adds an almost creepy vintage horror movie vibe, as well as another dimension to the blurred layers of sound. Whilst the accordion may seem a little odd, final track Nothing Hill goes one step further and features in my opinion the most underrated instrument in existence, the cowbell. Within the slightly mental realm of Salem’s Pot, it totally works.

Whilst I’m sure this album would be undoubtedly enhanced by some form of hallucinogenics, the music is a trippy head fuck in itself. There are an abundance of bands in the same vein as Salem’s Pot, the aforementioned Electric Wizard for example; however these guys march to the beat of their own drum.

‘…Lurar ut dig på prärien’ is an album that entices you in to its obscure, consuming stoner doom. A solid release from the Swedes, I look forward to future offerings.

Words by : Heather Blewett

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