Monday 28 April 2014

Ones To Watch- BARABBAS

Libérez BARABBAS! cover art


Since the year of our Lord 2007, Barabbas have been lavishing moral soothing, spiritual peace and irreversible tinnitus on the lost metallic sheep pushing at the doors of their Sonic Church of the Holy Redeemer Riff.

Apostles of a doom following the traditional Holy Trinity of Black Sabbath, Saint-Vitus and Cathedral, the french congregation have taken their time to personalise their catechism before preaching live (and sometimes in the desert…) and to concoct their first lead-plated communion: 33.33 minutes of monolithic canticles to redeem the sins of the new French chanson and regain the original innocence of Adam and Eve headbanging in the garden of Eden.

Barabbas pardon those who are offended by the clumsy heaviness of their music, their relentless repetitiveness and their upfront refusal of subtlety. As frontman Saint Rodolphe, wisely put it: “The music of Barabbas may be boring to listen to, but playing it is even worse”

Over the last couple of years Barabbas played (mostly in and around Paris but also a couple of times in Rennes) with great bands like The Wounded Kings, Pilgrim, Windhand, Ataraxie, Voight Kampf, Son of Zardoz, The Bottle DoomLazy Band...

The band is actually recording its 1st full-length early this spring, expect with songs like "le Couteau ou l'Abime", "Le Male Omega", "Judas est une Femme" or "Le Sabbath dans la Cathédrale", some more refined Stoner/Doom still dynamic and overwhelming to convert more doomed hellhounds...

Ite Missa Est.

The Band Members

Saint Rodolphe : la Voix des Anges
Saint Stéphane : les Accords du Diable
Saint Jérôme : les Bas Instincts
Saint Jean-Christophe : les Tambours du Sabbat

The Low-Down:

My good friend Steph from much missed blog Temple Of Perdition asked me to promote this excellent band – Barabbas. And when he tells you to check a band they must be something special inded. Well I am happy to say that Steph was right again as Barabbas are a hard-rocking Doom/Stoner Metal band from France who will appeal to a lot of you as they play some truly stunning riffs.

The bio above will tell you need to know. Just headover to BandCamp and download all of their material now. As these guys are truly something special. They have a great mixture of High On Fire lurking the background. It all bodes well for their eagerly awaited debut album due out in Sept 2014. From this evidence consider me a fan of Barabbas as I want to hear that album now!!!!

This is Doom Metal with capital FUCKING DOOOMMM!!!!!

Just check it out now. You won't be sorry.

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Written by Steve Howe