Friday 11 April 2014

TONGUE - No Handles To Hold - Single Review

No Handles To Hold - single cover art

Album TypeSingle
Date Released: April 8th 2014
Label: Self Released

No Handles To Hold - track listing:

1.No Handles To Hold – 04:03


Tongue is a power trio rock band from Belgrade, Serbia. The band started as a Bizic Vladimir (Ripkid) solo project in 2010 after the demise of his long-running hardcorepunk band Lets Grow where he used to play the lead guitar. Tongue roots date back to 2003 with the band called Wishingwell that Bizic Vladimir was a part of (vocals) together with his late brother Pavkovic Srdjan (1978 - 2005) on guitar, Stevan Cirovic (Jaibo!, Lets Grow, While) on drums, Sinisa Videkanic on bass (Ex-Lets Grow) and Nemanja Gvozdenovic on lead guitar. Wishingwell didn't make any record or live appearance due to a death of Pavkovic Srdjan in 2005. Tongue has major influences from the genres of hardcorepunk, stoner rock, hardrock, classic rock and metal music but is open for experimenting.

The Band Members

Vladimir "Ripkid" Bizic - guitars, vocals, drum programming, music & lyrics

Ana Djurovic (Cannot) - guitars, backing vocals


Tongue is a band who I have been a fan of for quite some time now. I have featured every record they have released so far as shown from the links below.

Plus I have interviewed the main man Biza in 2012 as well. Though I may have to change that and interview him again.

Anyway Tongue are back with their with latest single – No Handles To Hold – a hard rocking Stoner Rock track that sees Biza playing riffs that QOTSA used to play back in their earlier days. It's a fucking brilliant Stoner Rock track packed full of sublime riffs and spiky vocals & lyrics to match.

Biza once again did all of the work on this EP. Instrumentals , Programming and vocals. So he is a one-man Stoner Rock Maestro. If you're already a fan of Tongue then you're going to love this like I did. If you haven't heard Tongue before then No Handles To Hold is the perfect introduction as you're in for one wild ride. OK it only lasts for 4 minutes but it's got some excellent Stoner Rock riffs for you to rock out to.

Plus you can check the 3 other EP's that Biza has available for FreeDownload as well. I wish some cool independent record label would take a chance on Biza and give him a record deal. He has proven what a fantastic musician and songwriter he really is. I would just love to see him unleashed on a full length studio recording. But until then Biza remains one of the true underground Stoner Rock heroes.

Download this song from BandCamp now. You won't be sorry.

Brilliant. End Of.

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Written by Steve Howe