Friday 18 April 2014

Powered Wig Machine - Supa-Collider - Album Review

Supa-Collider cover art

Album Type:Album
Date Released: March 6th 2014
Label: Self Released

Supa-Collider track listing:

1.At the Helm of Hades 04:43
2.Led Masqurade 03:43
3.Here Come the Freaks 05:08
4.Wizard of Orgy 04:01
5.Supa-Collider 04:42
6.Mother Rocker 05:03
7.Brain of Hank Pym 06:18


Southern Arizona’s Powered Wig Machine, (a.k.a) PWM, began crafting heavy, stoner-flavored desert rock in 2006/2007. PWM’s hard rock sound - described as heavy western rock n roll – contains elements of desert/stoner rock, classic rock, and blues combined with lyrics that dabble in sci-fi and comic book lore. Their oddball name spawns from track seven on Josh Homme’s (Queens of the Stoneage) The Desert Sessions Volume 9 album

PWM’s lineup includes lead singer/guitarist Wayne Rudell, guitarist Brian Gold, bassist Joey Rudell, and drummer Daniel 'the Ranchero' Graves. These dudes are all Arizona natives and have been playing together as a group since 2001.

Musically, PWM’s style and niche come strongly from where the band lives geographically. The band lives 12 minutes from Tombstone, “The town to tough to die” AZ. PWM's self-branded heavy western Rock n Roll captures the modern spirit of the west. It’s their fuzzed out blues riffs and hard driving rhythm that provides the soundtrack for the Arizona high desert. Music made for biker on the southern desert highway or tequila drenched cowboy rocker. It’s that PWM heavy western rock n roll sound they can wear like a tattoo and raise their rock fists to.

The Band Members

Wayne Rudell (Vocals/Guitar)
Brian Gold (Guitar)
Joey Rudell (Bass)
Daniel Graves (Drums)


Well folks here is Powered Wig Machine's eagerly awaited 2nd album – Supa-Collider and what a hard-rocking blast it is. A stunning collection of Psych, Desert Rock, Fuzz and Stoner Metal riffs.

PWM have a deep love for Stoner Rock, Fuzz, Science Fiction and Comic Book Movies. Just like myself and this album spoke volumes to me as it's great ride from start to finish. PWM are just a good old fashioned band focusing equally on melodies and lyrics to make sure you're having the time of your life from the very first riff.

At The Helm Of Hades shows what the album is all about. High-voltage rock with out-of-this world lyrics all blended with fast-paced Stoner Rock riffage. Lead vocalist Wayne has a severe case of the blues around his vocals as it packs an almighty punch.

PWM have wisely decided to leave out any flashy progressive rock riffs as that will take too much time of the albums brisk 33 minute running time. So what you get on the album is music that gets straight down to business of rocking the fuck out and it's the more better for it.

Tracks such as Here Come The Freaks, Wizard Of Orgy and Supa-Collider have a playful youthful energy to them which plays to the bands love of Sci-fi and fantasy themes. Though there is a dark twisted and wicked sense of humour in the bands lyrics especially on Wizard Of Orgy. The track has a great Thin Lizzy style vibe that makes it one of the albums stand-out tracks.

Though the main draw here on the album is the music. PWM blend blues, stoner, fuzz and hard rock to great effect and they know how to play a mean loud riff when the time calls for it. Just wait until you hear Supa-Collider on full blast as it will easily get you in the mood to rock out.

Though the band have left the two best tracks for last. Mother Rocker and Brain Of Hank Pym. Spot the Ant-Man reference with the last track. PWM have shades of Stoner Rock Legends Clutch on Mother Rocker but still with their own great take on blues fuelled stoner rock though Wayne's vocals bring back memories of Phil Lynott with this awesome performance.

Supa-Collider is such a wonderfully refreshing straight forward Stoner Rock album that we all need to hear once in a while. It's great when bands just play good old fashioned rock and roll that brings back memories from the legendary bands of the 70s Hard Rock scene. But Powered Wig Machine still have a great identity of their own to stand out from the crowd.

Supa-Collider is a superb album that all serious fans of Stoner Rock need to check out now.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Wayne for sending me a copy to review. Supa-Collider is available to buy on BandCamp now on CD/DD.

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Written by Steve Howe