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Annimal Machine - This Place Where The Dead Speak With The Living - Review

This place where the dead speak with the living cover art

Album Type:Album
Date Released: March 29th 2014
Label: Self Released

This place where the dead speak with the living - track listing:

1.War 11:53
2.Condenado 08:37
3.A Fistful of Dollars 10:27
4.Lord of Shadows 12:10
5.Lake of Oblivion 16:36
6.Rage 08:59

The Band Members

Fat Bastard - Drums.
Gabriel Cortes - Guitar & Vocals.
Paulo Sandoval - Bass


Annimal Machine say they are a Stoner Rock Band. Well there are elements of Stoner Rock in their music but these guys are so much more. They are a heavy as fuck powerful living and breathing entity of heavy hazy monolithic riffs. It feels that Annimal Machine have grew up on a steady diet of Weed and Sleep's legendary album Dopesmoker. As these guys are so steeped in Doom/Stoner Metal they may as well be growing and selling copious amounts of weed.

Is that a good thing. Too right it is. As Annimal Machine will take you one an epic drug fuelled trip. Their debut album - This place where the dead speak with the living – is a 68 minute epic blast of intense Doom/Stoner Metal riffs drenched in heavy reverberation and feedback. The first 6 mins of 1st track – War – is a fuzz drenched drone based down-tempo riff that sets up the scene at a slow pace. Before Gabriel unleashes some crazy as hell vocals. He either has a bad drug habit or this dude can really sing those high notes.

The instrumental is heavy and pounding from the start. Bass and drums feel they are doing sort of demonic dance before unleashing hell on earth. Obviously the guys have a great sense of humour – The drummer is called – FAT BASTARD. And he hits the drums like a man possessed. Stand back when the drums get going as they are the heartbeat for this deadly annimal.

Annimal Machine deal in heavy epic tunes. Just look some of the track's running times. 9 mins to 16 mins in length. Yeah these guys have a lot to say with their music. It feels like an out-of-control jamming session at times especially on Condenado – which sees the band play some truly majestic riffs that embraces the early energy of Monster Magnet with the doped out riffs of Sleep.

The album pays homage to the legendary Doom/Stoner Metal scene of the 90s as you can hear different sounds from that classic time period. But at least the band add their spin on things especially when they add elements of Fuzz Rock, Space Rock and good old fashioned Hard Rock.

A Fistful Of Dollars is a brilliantly out of tuned and out of control track that you can't help rocking out to. The band once again lay down some epic spacey stoner riffs before slowing things down with some bass heavy vibes that are highly addictive indeed.

Gabriel's vocals are powerful through out though much of the music is purely instrumental. It adds huge layers of noise to the album's atmospherics. The album has a sublime DIY Punk ethic to it as well. The production is superbly handled though there are a few moments which could of done with a bit more work. But that could have been my body drifting off into the next dimension or galaxy. I can't decide which but I didn't want that feeling to end.

Lord Of Shadows takes you on another spacey epic journey with more fuzzy down-tempo noises lurking in the background. Flashes of subtle guitar riffs come out to play from time to time to give you an uneasy feeling. Annimal Machine start paying respect to their doom metal heroes on this track and it shows these guys are having fun through out. This track may test some listener's patience as it can be very slow at times but it's packed full of riffs that will leave you high for days!!!

What comes up next. A stunning almost 17 minute twisted musical odyssey called – Lake Of Oblivion – which stands as the albums finest track. It's another slow-paced journey with the band laying down some haunting Doom/Stoner based riffs. Play this track as loud as you can to experience the full hypnotic effect. This feels it's calling you from another world. It's one invitation you will find very hard to resist.

Last but by no means least is – Rage. One final song to bring you down safely from that wonderful epic drug fuelled journey you have been on. This is more of a traditional Stoner Metal song wit the band keeping the feedback noises down to a minimum. Though the bass is still heavy and powerful through out. It brings this album to an epic close. You may need a rest after listening to this album.

If you are using a BONG to listen to this album then this trip may be over in seconds or even years depending what dimension or state your mind falls under the hypnotic riffs of this brilliant album.

It may not be to everyone's tastes but I applaud Annimal Machine for recording an epic album such as this. If you're a fan of Dopesmoker then you're going to fucking love this like I did.


This place where the dead speak with the living – is now available to buy on BandCamp Now.

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Written by Steve Howe