Friday 4 April 2014

Whores./Rabbits - Split 7"

Album Type : 7” Split
Date Released : 18/2/2014
Label : Eolian Empire / Brutal Panda

WHORES./RABBITS - SPLIT 7", track listing :

1). Jumping Someone Else’s Train
2). A Reflection
3). Give Me It

Bio :

East (Coast) meets West (Coast) in noise rock: WHORES and RABBITS joined together in misanthropy and misery. And what better material to manifest their unwavering rage than that of The Cure?

WHORES crushes "Jumping Someone Else's Train," taking said train on a insanely heavy ride, the main riff stretched into a hypnotic groove forever beat into your brain. RABBITS opens with the stark "A Reflection" before cranking out an uncaged, claustrophobic version of "Give Me It.” Who let these maniacs out? A killer slab of new noise.

The WHORES/RABBITS split is out now on wax and digital, a cooperative release between Eolian Empire and Brutal Panda Records. The vinyl version, limited to 500 copies -- 100 on pink/400 on black -- the EP is housed in a full color fold-over jacket featuring art by Went Knipe and Josh Hughes.

Review :

Now this truly is a thing of beauty. My initial reaction was to laugh when I discovered what the subject of a split between two of my absolute favourite modern purveyors of noise rock fuzzery would be, but then I realised that it would actually make perfect sense for Whores and Rabbits to do a 7" of Cure covers. It’s that unexpected, left-field mentality that makes them both thinking man's riff wranglers. And boy does it sound HUGE.

The Whores contribution is their version of 'Jumping Someone Else's Train'. Released in 1979, it was only the third ever single that the band had put out. You'd never know it was anything other than a Whores track though, after they put their own spin on it, soak it in feedback and force it sideways through the meat grinder. Still retaining that kind of dawn of post punk vibe, the cover is appropriately gloomy yet poetic at the same time. So while it doesn't sound like The Cure in a straightforward manner it still manages to retain the key qualities I guess. Still a complete shitkicker though, mind you.

Rabbits have two outings on here, and the first is 'A Reflection'. Taken from The Cure's second album 'Seventeen Seconds', by this point in time the Goth factor had really started to kick in and this reflects in the doom-laden stance of this instrumental lead-in to 'Give Me It'. A seamless blend between two songs that featured on albums that were miles apart in terms of time is pretty cool. Rabbits are a somewhat 'punkier' affair than Whores and the mood in the room is a lot more confrontational. Less of a party, more of an argument. Rolling drums give way to early hardcore beats and the riffs are never anything short of incendiary. What I wouldn't give for the chance to witness both of these bands share a stage.

This is an early contender for split of the year. Noisy as fuck and catchier than a barb wire covered sack that's full of the common cold, you can grab it in a variety of soothing colours from the good folks at either Eolian Empire or Brutal Panda. I suggest you do so with the greatest of haste.

Words by : Matt Fitton

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