Friday 11 April 2014

N.Tesla - Lux Manifesto - Album Review

Lux Manifesto cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: Feb 20th 2014
Label: Lost Memories Records

Lux Manifesto track listing:

1.Ør-vænn 02:15
2.North. Spring. Aurora 06:19
3.Lux Manifesto 06:49
4.Determination Of Giants 04:57
5.Characters Drawn In Taupe 04:27
6.Megalodon 02:17
7.Here Speak Only The Birds 05:57


N.Tesla is a post-metal band from Oryol, RU with a specific atmosphere of universal callousness.

In 2008, the first (but not the final) line-up of this space circus had emerged in the town of Rostok, Germany. The project remained idle for a couple of years. Finally, in 2011 the fans of condensedmilk-like oozing music met each other in the town of Oryol, Russia to share it from heart to heart and fill the collective consciousness.

The Band Members

Dima - vox
Leo - guitar, management
Dima - guitar
Yura - drums
Nicky - samples


N.Tesla is an electrifying Post-Metal band. OK, sorry for the bad joke there. But joking aside N.Tesla is a Russian Post-Metal band who have just released their stunning debut album – Lux Manifesto, which blends elements of ambient vibes, post-hardcore and crushing sludge metal riffs for one pulsating ride.

This is not your most straight-forward Post-Metal album as N.Tesla don't play by the rules. They add a strangely hypnotic feel to their music. It's very different to the likes of Isis, The Ocean and Neurosis and that is a very good thing indeed. As the band develop their own sound over the album's 34 minute running time.

Tracks such as North, Spring, Aurora and Lux Manifesto – show you the full passion and creativity of this epic band as the have delivered some truly emotional and haunting post-metal riffs. Vocalist – Dima – shows his full vocal range from the very first second at this dude can sing. His shrieks are very powerful indeed which gives N.Tesla music a dangerous vibe.

N.Tesla add a wide range of electronic based samples which really adds to the atmosphere especially on Lux Manifesto with the band adding strange guitar noises and riffs in return. Yeah I think this is a great album indeed as it has the courage to be different compared to other Post-Metal albums.

Determination Of Giants is another standout track from the album as it has some lush progressive jazz like vibes lurking amongst the Post-Metal carnage. Something that wouldn’t be a miss from an Opeth album not a Post-Metal album. But it shows you what a talented bunch of musicians this band actually is.

All in all Lux Manifesto is an excellently produced album from start to finish. It shows another quality band coming from the Russian Sludge/Post-Metal scene. N.Tesla may put a few people off with their style of music but if you want something different and original within the Post-Metal scene than Lux Manifesto speaks loud volumes.

You can buy Lux Manifesto on BandCamp Buy Now Download.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Lost Memories Records and N.Tesla for sending me a promo to review.

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Written by Steve Howe