Thursday 10 April 2014

Coffinworm - IV.I.VIII (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 18/3/2014
Label : Profound Lore

IV.I.VIII, album track listing :

1). Sympathectomy 07:12
2). Instant Death Syndrome 05:00
3). Black Tears 07:27
4). Lust vs. Vengeance 05:49
5). Of Eating Disorders and Restraining Orders 07:44
6). A Death Sentence Called Life 06:28

Bio :

Indianapolis, Indiana's most notorious blackened doom metal abomination COFFINWORM made quite a reputation upon their emergence in the underground in 2009 with their Great Bringer Of Night demo. The ensuing unleashing of their 2010 debut LP When All Became None made a huge impression amongst blackened doom circles and coincided with a burst of the band’s devastating live shows (which included a run at SXSW upon the album’s release) as the band kept quite active on the live circuit (which also included an appearance at The Power Of The Riff’s East Coast event) consistently during the course of When All Became None’s discourse.
Now, come March 18, 2014, Profound Lore Records will unleash COFFINWORM's greatest transgression yet: IV.I.VIII.
Four years after the release of When All Became None, COFFINWORM return with an album that not only levels its predecessor, but a vicious statement of intent which producer/engineer Sanford Parker (Corrections House, Twilight, Yakuza, Wovenhand, Lord Mantis etc.) claims as one of the most insane and craziest albums he’s ever been a part of

Review :

Another week is upon us and with that being said another review to coincide with it.  On the speakers today (and a good part of the past week) is Indianapolis, IN based COFFINWORM with their most recent release “IV.I.VIII”(Profound Lore).

Forbes rates Indianapolis IN as one of the best cities in the U.S. Clearly Forbes didn’t walk into a venue Coffinworm was playing during that assessment; the filth would have sent them back to NYC with their tails tucked firmly between their sissy legs.  To describe this record as anything less that pure grime & doom would be an atrocious mistake.

It’s a filthy display of aggression from the opening track “Sympathectomy” forward.  The album has a massive amount more clarity than the proceeding releases such as “When All Became None” which sounds very lo-fi and dirty in its own right.  IV.I.VIII takes that concept and puts it on 10.

With the single release “Black Tears” you get a taste of just how much the band has grown.  A slow doom gallop into a wall of noise and driving momentum.  The vocal work touches on elements of brutal lows met by almost black metal highs.

This is an unforgiving and relentless effort any fan of doom/death should plant firmly in their ear holes! Noise FILTH DOOM & DIRT what more can you ask for?  Coffinworm delivered on this release don’t sleep on it!

Words by :  Stephen T. Barton

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