Monday 21 April 2014

Outlaw Wyvern - Sun Floats Along The Flat World - Review

Sun Floats Along The Flat World cover art

Album Type:Album
Date Released: March 12th 2014
Label: Self Released

Sun Floats Along The Flat World - track listing:

1.Vipera 09:07
2.Immercenary 11:52
3.Colossus (Part I) 09:04
4.Stars Shine Above Stone Heads 05:43
5.Colossus (Part II) 11:43
6.Sun Floats Along The Flat World 11:48
7.Vivipara 09:17


Idea to create a band yet appeared in 2009, however official start of the band was only in 2011 summer. Band was founded by Helferlein. After that Sunloving had also joined the band.

Title "Outlaw Wyvern" means Wyvern itself as a guardian of all things in the universe, however the role of this being is far from one-sided. Wyvern has a status to keep the universe but in the mean time it's a part of each world. The Tree which Wyvern is bound to depicts the soil of the Universe. Roots of this Tree grow through invisible prism of surreality into each of the worlds. Mythical beings who inhabit these worlds have their right to live and free existence, right for struggle and communication.

Description of the first world from big set of a universe that holds Wyvern, will begin with the flat world in which there's a description of origin of new life – Colossus.

The Band Members

Sunloving (SOTSE) – bass, guitars, keyboards, music
Helferlein (Goatech, Thy Grave) – drums, lyrics, music
Primus (Loinen, Malicious Death, Tuska) – vocals, lyrics
Polina (Delorian Domain) – vocals, lyrics


Outlaw Wyvern's debut album – Sun Floats Along The World – is a complex Post-Metal/Post-Rock opus with elements of jazz that does something different to the usual post-metal mix.

It does take a while to get going as the first track – Vipera – is an ambient based Post-Rock track that builds up to a slow paced finish that my test some listener's patience. As there isn't much in the way of heavy riffs just slow-paced post-rock vibes blended together with delicate jazz based passages.

Second track – Immercenary – has a a lot more life to it. Flashes of progressive post-metal riffs collide with huge explosions of noise with Polina's delicate vocals doing a stunning job of embracing both the light and darkness that this album contains.

These two tracks will tell you what to expect for the rest of the album. Epic songs that mix jazz, post-rock, ambient and post-metal to dramatic effect with a great deal of experimentation going on. It's not an easy album to listen to which is one of the albums strengths as it dares to be something different compared to the usual post-metal albums currently out there.

The albums 66 minute run time packs a lot of ideas that may take a few listens to get the full picture as it's epic in scope and nature. The band have taken a lot of influences from Neurosis style of sound especially on the excellent two part epic track – Colossus Part 1 and Part 2.

Sun Floats Along The World is a complex and progressive nightmarish world come to life. I applaud the band for doing something different though it will put off some listeners as it may have too many ideas for the casual listener to comprehend with. But this is still an excellent album to check out if you have the patience and time to venture with the Outlaw Wyvern.

You can buy the album from BandCamp now.

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Written by Steve Howe