Monday 14 April 2014

Arson Under The Sea - S/T E/P Review

EP cover art

Album Type:EP
Date Released: 16th Feb 2014
Label: Self Released

Arson Under The Sea S/T EP - track listing:

1.From the Sky 04:08
2.Evil is Undying 04:07
3.Let It End 05:46
4.Celebration 04:43
5.We Burn 04:54
6.Other Side 04:38

The Band Members:

Mikko -Vocals
Tero - Guitar
Markus - Guitar
Rami - Bass, Vocals
Kalle -Drums


Here is a brutal Sludge/Doom Metal band Finland to check out. Arson Under The Sea will blow your fucking mind with their hard-hitting style of crushing Sludge and Doom Metal riffage with a dangerous Hardcore Punk vibe thrown in just for the hell of it.

Their debut S/T EP is 29 mins of soul destroying and bone crunching carnage that will fuck up your entire day. It's brutal from the word go. Arson Under The Sea are one explosive unit you cannot ignore.

I urge you all to download this now. This EP features 6 stunning tracks showing a band who don't fuck about with their music. If you want heavy pummelling brutal music to unleash your anger to then this is the EP for you. First track - From The Sky – shows what this band is all about. And it ain't a pretty sight.

This EP is powerful to give you nightmares for a very long time. But the band do know how to play some epic riffs when the time calls for it. It's a mixture of fast-paced riffs against more slower paced riffs when the time calls for it. But it's still one loud exercise in brutal noise.

Arson Under The Sea definitely have something about them and this EP proves that they are definitely worth your time in checking them out. An outstanding debut EP which will unleash the fury in all of you!!!

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! - You can download this now on BandCamp Buy Now. There is a Cassette Tape being sold as well if you want a physical release.

Awesome Stuff.

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Written by Steve Howe