Wednesday 4 May 2016

The Sludgelord Exclusive Video Premiere: "Valley of Thorns" by Earthship

By:  Aaron Pickford

Formed in 2010, Jan Oberg and his band of bludgeoning troubadours are back.  Following their acclaimed third record, “Withered”, which  we described as “Loud, heavy, aggressive, and full of huge riffs”, 2016 will see Earthship chartering new territory  with the release of their new record “Hallowed” on Napalm Records.  Striking the right balance between the stronger dynamics of bands like Kylesa and Crowbar, with the melodies Alice In Chains, Earthship’s new album remains one of monolithic proportions.

Today, we are excited to present the first taste of the new album, with the UK premiere of their new video, “Valley of Thorns”.  The band had this to say about the track “It is one of our faster, a bit more progressive and cheerful tracks of the album but quite the opposite are the lyrics, mainly dealing with emptiness and despair. A sad and lonesome trip into oblivion but in a very colorful and metaphorical way. It shows you up somehow that we’re all running our private race against time before it’s all over and gone. Life is short, let’s get some shots!”

“Hollowed” is set to be released on June 24th via Napalm Records. Pre-Orders will be available shortly!  Check out this awesome track below.  

“Hollowed” CD//LP track listing:

1). Reduced to Ashes
2). Hollowed
3). Valley of Thorns
4). Conjured
5). Monolith
6). In Fire's Light
7). In the Arms of Medusa
8). Castle of Sorrow
9). Safeguard of Death
10). Red Leaves
11). The Edge of Time
12). Blood Candy (Bonus Track)
13). The Edge of Time - Acoustic (Bonus Track)

Band info: official || facebook