Tuesday 31 May 2016

The Sludgelord Song Premiere - "Spindle of Spines" by Black Urn

By: Aaron Pickford

A little under a year ago, today’s featured artist Black Urn, first appeared on The Sludgelord, their self titled demo immediately enamoured  us to their downtrodden blend of blackened sludge/doom, with pitch black vocals and an oppressive guitar tone, Black Urn furthered strengthened the already thriving Philly scene.  Fast forward then to the present and Black Urn have returned from the pits of hell, and are set to unleash another hulking mass of contempt upon us, with the June 10th release of their new EP “The Pangs of our Covenant

Today at The Sludgelord, we present the first taste of Black Urn’s new EP and “11m.57s” of blacker than black sludge doom, behold and suffocate in a “Spindle of Spines” and remember in the battle of sludge vs evil....sludge always wins

“The Pangs of our Covenant” will be available for free here from Friday June 10th, 2016 and if you can’t wait that long their debut demo is here too, as a name your price download.  

 “The Pangs of our Covenant” track listing:

1. Bushmaster
2. Spindle of Spines
3. Starved by Faith
4. 40 Devils

Band info: facebook || band camp