Saturday 28 May 2016

Prognosis - "Volume 1: Ghost" EP (Review)

By: Ant Zant

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 03/08/2016
Label: Independent

“Volume 1: Ghost “CD//DD track listing

1). The Sycophant
2). From this Horror
3). So Long

The Review:

Prognosis has been on the Manchester music scene for a little over a year now, pushing their self penned progressive metal to all that care to listen. Therefore a release from them hardly comes as a surprise, rather like drinking a pint of Hobgoblin, getting to the bottom of it is a guaranteed certainty!  Prognosis are tackling their releases a little differently to most bands. It is going to be a series of EP’s over the coming year or so which, according to guitarist Phil Weller, will make up their first album.

Onto this, their grand debut and the first thing that struck me upon removing the wrapper was the “new CD smell”, something that is missing from many other CD releases or maybe it is just me that is a tad kinky and gets off on stuff like this.

The high quality card gatefold packaging has a fabulous piece of artwork on the cover and if the series continues in this vein they are sure to become collectors items.  “The Sycophant” opens proceedings and is classic prog-metal with a light orchestral flavour and a sprinkling of acoustic guitar before indulging us with some serious riffage that wraps around your head in this extended piece; quite an individual piece and is already the highlight of their live set.

The second track, “From This Horror”, to my ears comes across as a mix of Iron Maiden and Metallica riffage and the final track, “So Long”, is probably the most accessible and commercial of the three on the EP with some Thin Lizzy style twin lead breaks. Both these songs are more metal than progressive but certainly show where the bands influences have come from.  Interestingly, this release has a very dry sound to it which harks back to the early 80’s and the NWOBHM movement, it is raw and basic but all the elements are there.

If this release is anything to go by the future will progress well for Prognosis – roll on EP number 2!

“Volume 1: Ghost” is available here

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