Thursday 26 May 2016

The Sludgelord Album Premiere - "In Absence" by Minarchist

By: Aaron Pickford

Like a cross  pollination  or the sharing or interchange of knowledge, ideas, for mutual enrichment Minarchist were formed.  The brain child of songwriter/guitarist/clean vocalist Connor McNamee, the band also features bassist/producer Nick Shaw (Black Crown Initiate) and harsh vocalist Jerry Martin (Alustrium), two bands of impeccable statue and pedigree, this new genetic constitution who hail from from Philadelphia, PA, play a style of modern prog metal that also brings in influences spanning the genre  such as Behemoth, Periphery, Opeth, Meshuggah and Gojira. The album is enriched even further still with guest guitar solos from Andy Thomas (Black Crown Initiate) and local musician Ethan McKenna. Having covered both bands over recent years, it was a no brainer when the band approaches us to host the album for your listening pleasure. 

Featuring artwork designed by the talented Alex Hofmann (Fallujah, Cypher Visual), get ready to subject yourselves to a flawless virtuosic prog metal apocalypse,   Minarchist's debut album “In Absence” is  an incredible achievement by anyone’s standard and you can check it out in full below and is available to buy tomorrow here

 “In Absence” track listing

1. In Absence of Air
2. Our Rose Garden
3. Threat of a Terrible Storm
4. Burn Down the Sky
5. Abandon
6. The Ecstasy of Dreams
7. In Absence of Fear

Band info: bandcamp || facebook