Sunday 29 May 2016

Choice Cuts: Neurosis - "Through Silver in Blood" (1996)

By: Chris Bull

Years Active: 1985 - Present
Records to Date:  11
Genre: Post Metal | Experimental |
Progressive | Sludge | Ambient |
Hardcore | Crust
Labels: Neurot Recordings |
Relapse Records

The Band:

Scott Kelly | guitar, vocals, percussion
Steve Von Till | guitar, vocals, percussion
Noah Landis | keyboards, synthesizer, sampling
Dave Edwardson | bass guitar, backing vocals
Jason Roeder | drums, percussion
Pete Inc. | visuals

Additional musicians

John Goff | bagpipes
Martha Burns | cello
Kris Force | violin

The Review:

It has been 20 years since the release of the monumental 'Through Silver in Blood' and its power and influence is as strong today as it ever was.

From the opening mechanical noise of the title track (Noah Landis' first appearance on a Neurosis record) it's evident that something special is happening. Managing to make a 12 minute song simultaneously feel like a flash and a lifetime, this is the sound of a cohesive unit firing on all cylinders. Tracks like the raging 'Eye', the decadent 'Aeon' and the incredible 'Locust Star' strike a chord with the audience with their sheer force and ethereal overtones and are still met with rapturous cheers and applause when they're played.

The epic 'Purify' and 'Strength Of Fate' serve as lengthy legs of the journey while brief interludes of 'Rehumanize' and 'Become The Ocean' serve as pit stops that enhance your awareness along the way. It closes with the often overlooked and underrated 'Enclosure in Flame' and leaves your spirit obliterated...but refreshed, regenerated and ready to begin again, awakened.

While many bands up to and throughout 1996 had travelled well worn paths to reach the top of the mountain, Neurosis had been carving stone, digging earth and building, slowly and meticulously for 10 years, through this, everyone realised Neurosis had made their own mountain and were now at the top. While many feel that this and 1999's 'Times Of Grace' remain their best work, they seem to have missed the point, 'Through Silver In Blood' is a one of a kind album, trying to repeat it would be a foolish and unrewarding move. There will never be another Neurosis, they've continued to push the envelope, adding more earth to their already towering mountain, they sit, godlike, watching the world spin.

Album Details:

“Through Silver in Blood” is the fifth album from Neurosis. The album was released on April 2, 1996, and was their first record to be released under Relapse Records.  The album was recorded at Brilliant and Coast, SF and produced by Neurosis and Billy Anderson. Mixed at Different Fur, SF and mastered by George at Fantasy, Berkley. Following it’s original release there has been 22 versions released in total, with pressings by Iron City Records, (1996) Music For Nations (1997), Rocris Disc (1998), Ritual Records (2002), Relapse Records (2006), Neurot Recordings (2009), Relapse Records (2011) and more recently (2016) the first repress on vinyl for 10 Years to celebrate Relapse Records 20th Anniversary

During an interview with “Chronicles of Chaos” in 1996, bassist Dave Edwardson was asked What is the most important thing that you want a Neurosis fan to get out of this record? To which his response was

DE: “For people to be inspired by it. Maybe with the emotions we reveal people can relate to it and get through that shit. To have a part of it speak to their deeper self or soul. That is what we'd like to see come out of it.”

“Through Silver in Blood” track listing:

1). Through Silver in Blood
2). Rehumanize
3). Eye
4). Purify
5). Locust Star
6). Strength of Fates
7). Become the Ocean
8). Aeon
9). Enclosure in Flame

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