Monday 30 May 2016

The Sludgelord Song Premiere - "Terrifying Japanese Coldplay Documentary" by Palehorse

By:  Aaron Pickford

“Gee, That Ain’t Swell”, a cheekily monikered debut if ever there was one, indeed Palehorse were possibly so underground during the time of the band’s debut release in 2003, the fact that 16 years later the band are calling it a day, is perhaps testament to that statement. But all joking aside, a band whose debut could be construed as a modern British masterpiece, all the while with a comparatively avante garde approach with two basses ringing distorted noise through a filter of depressive and maniacally savage vocals, Palehorse have remained at the cutting edge of the underground heavy scene.  Quite simply they have always been the one, but not Metallica

So as we approach something resembling the summer here in the UK, Palehorse are set to issue what will most likely be their epitaph, with new album “Looking Wet in Public” via Truthseeker Music.

Having recently undertaken a co-headline tour of the UK with Ghold throughout the early part of May and finishing up in Leeds, Palehorse will perform their final ever appearance and  farewell show, at the prestigious  Temples Festival in Bristol on 5th June.  As their press release for their new album attests too, Palehorse are about to leave listeners with the uncomfortable sense that something inevitable and horrifying is going to happen, indeed this will be the only time, you’re gonna be happy about “Looking Wet in Public”. 

With a little over a month to go before the new album drops, today at The Sludgelord in partnership with the good folks at Truthseeker Music, we can officially debut an exclusive stream of a brand new tune entitled “Terrifying Japanese Coldplay Documentary”.  You have been warned, this is sluggish distorted sludge at its best, so before you check it out, fix yourself a sandwich because you won't want to die on an empty stomach.

Looking Wet in Public” has a street date of July 1st and is available as a download and limited vinyl.  It can preordered here now, so what are you waiting for.  A full track listing and artwork can be found below. 

“Looking Wet in Public” DD//LP Tracklisting:

Half Lizard / Half Lizard
Miserable Heroin Addict vs. Jehovahs Witness Guy
Lambs To The Laughter
The Shower
Terrifying Japanese Coldplay Documentary

Band info: facebook || bandcamp