Tuesday 10 May 2016

The Sludgelord Song Premiere - "God's Day Off" By Anion

ANION, is a band that literally fell into my lap less than a week ago and holy fuck does this band shred.  Formed in early 2010, their only desire was to create devastatingly heavy and ultimately ugly music. Riff driven and intense, indeed the music stands apart with an underlying foundation of ugly and intense hardcore, with healthy doses of abrasive noise rock and heavy sludge mixed in to create a unique sound. Make no mistake if you're a fan of Converge or Cult Leader, then you're gonna love this band

ANION's last full length LP, entitled “Without Solace”, was released in September 2013 via No List Records and was recorded with none other than legendary producer Matt Bayles (Botch, Mastodon, Isis) at Red Room studios in Seattle, WA

Having played with bands such as Indian (Relapse), Helm’s Alee (HydraHead), Thrones (Southern Lord), Black Elk (Crucial Blast), KENmode (Profound Lore), and Ghostlimb (Vitriol), ANION are back armed to the teeth and ready to knock you the fuck out with their new EP/7” record entitled “Fractions of Failure” scheduled for release on May 20 again via No List Records and features artwork by Demian Johnston (Great Falls/Playing Enemy). 

So with the EP set to be streamed in full via our friends at Exclaim! on Friday, 13 May, get ready to be sucker punched with this absolutely raging tune entitled “God’s Day Off” and if this track whets your appetite you can download "Without Solace" for free here

Pre-orders for the cassette and vinyl can be found here

Band info: facebook